toddler-proofing my 36pw9607 stand


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Mar 29, 2002
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Baldock, Hertfordshire, UK
One of these big beauties should be with me shortly, but I am concerned that my 15 month old daughter will be poking/prodding and inserting biscuits into my precious DVD player and digibox, etc.

As the stand for the above TV is open, does anybody have any ideas for toddler-proofing it?

I originally thought about using some perspex on the front and one side, and fixing them in place using "stuff", but I don't want to make the whole unit look cheap.

I've been looking at cabinets, but can't find one strong enough/ nice enough and cheap enough!

Any assistance or advice gratefully received.
I have 4 children under 7 and an open AV rack at toddler height.

My method was to just keep an eye on them and repeatedly tell them not to touch in the same way that they aren't allowed to touch the oven doors or the fireplace (even when there is no fire).

If they aren't taught to have self control, they will never learn.
You could try and rig up a small electric fence like they use for livestock , should do the trick.
Ive just seen a cabinet in Audio T that looked really nice , it was made from wood , and had a lockable door on the front , didnt see a price but it was probably not cheap.
A friend of mine has similar problems , he just used the tv stand for his centre speaker and put the rest of his gear on shelves out of the kids way.
I've just had to open up my VCR and extract all the Lego my two year old stuffed in it, none of it go got near the head though so 'm counting myself luck. We also keep the remotes in the kitchen when not being used as he is like a fly to sh*t when ever he sees them.

I also have an open fronted Philips stand and was considering closing the side up with some safety glass and possibly having a glass door put on the front. Any respectable glass merchant should be able to obtain and cut the glass and then it is just a case of attacking it using standard glass shelf mounts.
I know what you mean about the remote control business! And the thing is, that even if you give them an old remote without any batteries to play with instead they KNOW that it's just a foboff.
I had a glass front to my cabinet so I put a nice decorative chain across it and padlocked it with a small brass padlock . It looked quite reasonable. The babies are not clever enough to use the key on the end of the chain so we could always unlock it but they could never get in.
I have rescued Dipsy from the M40

Also one of the twins LOVES remote controls
Glad to see I'm not alone in having this problem! What is it with kids and remotes?

I've just ordered from my local carpenter a custom-designed hi-fi cupboard. It has lockable wooden doors and as such is totally toddler-proof!!! I've designed it to look good. be strong enough and be reasonably cheap. That said, it's going to be a solid beast made from reclaimed pine and so will knock a hole in £300/400 - but that's cheap compared to some of the 'specialist' hi-fi furniture you can get.

Remote signals through the solid doors will be handled by a Hotlink infra-red extender or similar:

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