Toddler proof speaker placement - for now!


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Hi Everyone

Thanks to all who submit posts, I have learnt a lot from browsing over the last few months.
I thought I'd share my little project and include a few photos of my other AV joys.
Firstly, I was fed up of my 1 year old throwing my speaker stands to the floor. I decided to mount them on the wall and chase in the speaker cable. Whilst I was at it I had my brother put in a socket behind the TV and then I thought, well I might as well chase in all the other unsightly cables into conduit to appear out of sight behind my little stand.;)

I have also included pictures of my dining room (adjacent to the lounge) Here my iMac runs plex media server and an HDMI runs through the wall and into the TV in the lounge. It also serves up Plex on my jailbroken ATV2 in the bedroom.
The wife is content that the iMac is discretely positioned in the dining room so I got away with that one!

Outside in the garden I have made the bench from decking boards. The two flowerpots either side are speakers for those rare sunny days and then there is the sneaky volume control. I have another set of these speakers on the upper patio and they are both powered by a Sonos Zp120 housed in a unit in the dining room.

I also have a polk single stereo speaker in the bathroom ceiling powered by a sonos in the loft. Sonos s5's in the dining room and kitchen and a sonos zp90 in the lounge.:D

Hope you like! I've enjoyed putting it all together and I'm a way off until satisfied. (AV receiver new speakers and an electric PJ screen for the lounge me thinks :thumbsup:)

Thanks for looking



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Great job of putting the cables in the wall. :smashin:


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Thanks guys. I'm pleased with how it turned out and there is less that the little monkey can get his hands on! You can't see it because of the poor iPhone quality pictures but on my av stand (which is only a cheap ikea shelf) I've put rails on the front edge and slid clear Perspex in front to keep him from fiddling with the equipment. Effective and free!


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craigizmo2k2 said:
Nice! Particularly like the garden stuff. A few members will sniff at what i'm about to write, but i've ordered 4 Bose 101 speakers to do something like this at my girlfriend's place.

Which volume control did you use?
I ordered the plant pot speakers and the volume controls (which are impedance matching) from the states. Outdoor speaker depot. Cost a bit extra in shipping and tax but I couldn't find anything like it in the uk. The prices were good and they sound great to me but then I'm no expert! Plus I'm a considerate neighbour so would never turn them up THAT loud anyway! I love it when I have BBQs and people are looking for where the music is coming from! :)


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Ignore me...

Found the volume control and it seems old fashioned cabling was used for the outside stuff..
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