Toddler has damaged control knobs on Pioneer receiver


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My toddler drove his big toy car into the front of the Pioneer VSX-LX70 receiver.

He has taken some of the black gloss finish off the big Source knob and the volume knob is now loose (i.e. it is not tight and has some play in it).

Does anyone know if these control knobs simply pull off so that I can order replacement knobs (like kitchen stove knobs) or are the integrated on to a board?

I have accidental cover on my home insurance and not sure if this kind of thing covers this.

P.S. AV equipment is now in an AV cupboard and not in a rack :)


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Speak to your local Pioneer dealer re. a repair. I wouldn't have thought it would be worth claiming though, with excess and loss of no-claims etc. Fair enough if the whole thing was a right off but it's just control buttons and cosmetic damage. I wouldn't like to guess on a price for sorting it though but your local dealer should be able to help. Failing that talk to Pioneer UK.

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