Todd Phillips' JOKER (4 October 2019) Joaquin Phoenix

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Absolutely loved this, so dark and gritty and Phenoix does Joker's mannerism to a t, for me this is DCs best film since the Dark Knight, I'm going to see it again next week.



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Just out. Loved it, a possible masterpiece, though very derivitive of Taxi Driver and The King of Comedy as already mentioned.
Had to tell a disinterested lady to turn off her phone. She left for good soon after.


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An extremely affecting film that I'm still thinking about and processing. Phoenix is astonishing, my gut tells me this is an important film.

Also started watching The King of Comedy for the first time (lynch me later) and can see the parallels.

Going again Wednesday.


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Some very high praise coming in. As usual I'll be late to the party, but will try and get to see that next week.

Glad @lucasisking you're watching The King of Comedy, you'll enjoy that. @QuestShield I imagine you will also like You Were Never Really Here.


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Put on a happy face.



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Watched it on Friday for me best performance from an Actor in the last 20 years or so...!
Only Daniel Day Lewis - There will be blood performance is on par.!

As for the film..all I can say is wow modern the making. Loved every minute of it..!

I would love to see this version of the Joker square up against Robert Pattinson - The Batman.

That could be another gem if RP nails The Batman.!


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Watched it last night. Initially... Affirmation why I hate the cinema experience (Vue Harrow). Loved the film, incredible performance by Phoenix. 9/10 for me.
If I had to critique, being picky, would say pacing of the first two acts could be better. The Mrs thought it was slow initially, I actually thought some bits could have had more time to ferment but that's nit picking.
On the cinema experience; Woman sat next to me, smuggled a McDonald's in her rucksack. Had a staggering multicourse meal... about 5 stages - burger, chips, nuggets, rest of the chips with sauce and a f'n apple pie!! AND she made it last most of the film! Row behind were rustling crisp packets and catching up on the latest gossip.
Vue Harrow gripes aside, film was great, Phoenix, great, can't wait to buy it on Blu Ray and enjoy it properly!
On the 'controversy', it's just virtue signalling by the modern day puritans who've lost touch and want to tell everyone else what they should think and like and do and say... It's a bit like Dave Chappelles, 'Sticks and Stones', critic score 35%, audience score 99%? Although he got it much worse the negative reviews of both come from the same politicised viewpoint


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Whatever you do, make sure you check out Joker in the cinema.


Probably the best film I have seen in recent years with an impecable performance from Phoenix. I never thought anyone would get close to what I believe is the greatest villain performance out there from Ledger, but this performance without a doubt does come close, if not even match.

The score, the cinematography and how gritty and realistic everything about the movie is really hits home. It asks you questions about society and whether we do enough.

Honestly surprised at how good it is. Modern classic and this will definitely be a movie that is spoke about in years to come.

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