*TODAY ONLY!* 25% off online order @ Barnesandnoble.com


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TODAY ONLY code for 25% off one item in your online order!



HURRY! expires at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on December 18, 2006. (4:59 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time on December 19, 2006)

You won't get the item in time for Christmas (outside America) but it's a great offer for those who missed the previous one.

You can use it to get 24 Season 5 R1 (more extras than R2) for the cheapest price anywhere! See here:


*Online Coupon U8Y3W9U Details:
This coupon can be redeemed once online at bn.com. This coupon is not valid at Barnes & Noble or Barnes & Noble College retail stores. The additional 25% discount will be applied to the most expensive item in the order.


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A big thank you :smashin:

Just ordered the Frank Sinatra - Vegas [CD/DVD] boxset for under £30.

Even if I get stung by customs it's still good value (to an old fart like me :boring: ).
HMV want £80 online :eek: .


Paul B.


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Just ordered the complete West Wing collection - £92-ish

Got an e-mail stating there is a problem, so I've replied to ask what it is.

Thanks for highlighting the offer - been after WW for a while now.


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Beat me to it again :D

Have edited my old 24 post with the new one-day code
This is released on Tuesday (5th December) ...


Is priced at $41.98 here: video.barnesandnoble.com/search/product.asp?ean=24543390381
BUT at the checkout use this 25% off discount code: U8Y3W9U (it might say ... Need to add a Coupon or B&N Membership number? Enter it now, or there will be a box already there to enter the code)

Create a new account here: https://cart2.barnesandnoble.com/account/op.asp?

Order info at checkout:
Product Total: $41.98
Discounts: -$10.50
Shipping: $8.48 (International Airmail: 7 to 21 business days)
Order Total: $39.96

Order info on email:
QTY PRICE TITLE Expected Ship Date
1 $31.48 24 - Season 5
Dec 05, 2006
$31.48 Net Product
$8.48 Shipping
$39.96 Total Shipment Price

The Dec '06 exchange rate for Customs & VAT purposes is: $1.914 = £1.00 (from HMRC's website)
- so for Customs & VAT purposes ... Item price = $31.48 = £(31.48 ÷ 1.914) = £16.45 (i.e. within Customs allowance ;) :smashin:)

In reality, going by www.xe.com/ucc, Total Shipment Price $39.96 = ~£20.17
based on current exchange rate (right now) ... $39.96 = ~£20.53


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West Wing collection arrived today.

It shipped on December 19th, so took 17 days to arrive.

It came via Sweden and was £94 in total :devil:

An absolutely gorgeous set, nice and compact, considering the amount of discs.

Big thank you to funkyhitman for highlighting the code in the first place :thumbsup:


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I know that the 25% offer is over, but they have a $10 off any purchase made with a Mastercard (there's a link to the code on their homepage)...I got the complete Monty Python while I was over in the states for £25, don't know how much delivery over here will be though....:thumbsup:

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