Today, is it reasonable to invest in a World band radio?




Has anybody owned, tested world band radios?



1- Is it reasonable to invest in a World band radio in 2004? Or is this technology going to be obsolete in next years?

2- Mostly for home use, but also for travel. Is the travel model capable of delivering an acceptable sound?

3- Which model would you recommend?

4- At home, is it possible to connect a world band radio to an amp in order to have a decent sound?

Sony ICF-SW35 £60.99 incl. tax & post.
Digital, no automatic tuning

SONY ICFSW7600G £120.97 incl. tax & post.
Digital, automatic tuning, FM stereo

Sony ICF-SW100E £133.71 incl. tax & post.
POCKET SIZE, digital, no automatic tuning

Thanks in advance


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If you're going to use it to get those footie results while you're away then I'd have to say - go for it!! :D Whenever I went out to Spain to visit the outlaws, the SW was a real link to home for news, sport, etc. I would only buy the cheaper Sony if it's for occasional use, but if you travel abroad a lot then for signal quality and overall sound, the 7600g is very good. I would advise trying to hear one before you buy.

SW is not likely to be switched off anytime soon - despite gloomy predictions.


I bought the pocket size model.

I will buy personal speakers or link it to Hi-Fi at home.

I will be able with one radio to listen to some French news while in the UK and to listen to BBC World Service and French news while on travel to 'exotic' places.
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