today i am mostly listening to... part 6


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Budgie, Squawk. Original pressing at 24/192.
Just stunning music esp when cranked up
Life is only a day..


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I've noticed in this thread a certain member seems to post the same stuff over and over and felt it was about time I said something!

Thanks Billy! I officially love IDLES, I've bought both albums and Grounds on bandcamp and look forward to the upcoming album. I'm probably too old to do this but I was blasting them out of the car with the windows down on the way back from work earlier in a Listen to this you ****ing c***s kind of way. :blush: :D :cool:



Todays playlist.
Natalie Merchant Tigerlily CD.
Laura Marling Song for our Daughter CD.
America America SACD
Simon and Garfunkel Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme SACD.
Moody Blues Days of Future Passed SACD.
Duffy Rockferry CD.

Hopefully Laura Marling will win the Mercury Prize as this latest offering is absolutely beautiful.


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I'm listening to a very spaced out album called Cosmic Kraut Experience by Merlin, Swara, ilor and friends
It's a wonderful album, incredibly trippy and classic krautrock
Highly recommended for those who like to just b
Now its a very nice jazz rock album by Contraband called time and space. It's a ripped cd streamed
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A bit of REO today with REO Two original vinyl ripped to 24/192. Super stuff
I've only seen REO the once, when they supported Quo at Newcastle arena. They totally blew quo away that night and were absolutely brilliant.
Quo weren't on form that night. But they redeemed themselves at the Manchester MEN last year when they blew away Skynryd. They were even forced to turn down the volume!!


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It's a wedge of Miles Davis tonight with On the Corner, original vinyl at dsd 256. Oh yes this does sound good.
I've always liked this MD period where he got very funky, experimental and incorporated various genres (as he did) to create that inimitable wall of beautiful noises that just coalesce perfectly.
I was fortunate to see the great man a couple of times.

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