TOCA Race Driver 2 on 360?


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Dec 11, 2005
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Does the Xbox version of TOCA Race Driver 2 run on the Xbox 360?

Couldn't see it listed on the official back-compatible list unless its also called Pro Race Driver in the US?

If so does it run on LCD monitor resolutions using a VGA cable (some back-compatible games don't seem to work with the VGA cable for any resolution - I think it depends on whether they support 60Hz or not)?

Many thanks, :smashin:
Nope, have tried it on my 360 and can confirm it doesnt work.

Quite annoying since toca 3 doesnt either apparently.
none as yet... this game is called v8 supercars here in Oz and that version doesn't work either:(
It seems the Microsoft policy for backward compatibility revolves solely around the US. If it works in the US, it'll work anywhere seems to be the assumption.

So Im guessing that MS are working on games popular over there before thinking about fixing the games over here that still dont work properly (Forza etc) and adding compatibility for newer games that are popular in the PAL countries, like Toca/V8 Supercars 3.
I put Far Cry (xbox version) in my 360 yesterday and was told I need an update from live.

I accepted and downloaded the update, only to get a message saying 'This games is not compatible with the 360 blah blah'

wot a load of poo


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