Toca 2


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Got this today and have played it for a couple of hours (off-line) I've got to say for me it looks and handles better than PGR2 - :eek: only time will tell if its as enjoyable though I suppose.


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Best racer on Xbox! (Maybe until RSC2 comes out..)

This game makes PGR2 look ridiculous. TOCA has shown it up to be the over rated turd that it is. :clap:


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I think there both great games so why slag them of against each other.

tony kop77

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I played the demo on the xbox and I dont like it though i only had one go. I found the handling hard, the cars dont seem as quick as pgr2 though I might not like the car much because i prefer arcade driving games to simulatours.

richard plumb

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Its OK so far, but i need to spend some more time with it. It seems as though all the cars have huge RWD oversteer issues (even the big trucks :) - and the 6 lap oval circuit is really annoying me at the moment.


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Have been enjoying this game immensley over the weekend, although I do have 1 or 2 negative comments:

1) Slipstreaming - I have never noticed this having any effect whatsoever
2) There is no practice of qualifying laps. When the objective is to get in the top 2 and you start 16th it is virtually impossible to do this in the 2 laps you are given without 'gently nudging' a few of the opposition when you get to the corners. Tis a shame really as I would rather have either a couple more laps or the chance to qualify so that I could try and win cleanly.
3) Virtually no feedback through the controllers vibration. It is odd, I dont really notice it that much on games with it but really notice it on games without. It would be nice when you are teetering in the edge of grip to be able to feel it through the controller.

Apart from that - absolutely cracking game. Huge range of racing types and tracks. Having a blast :D


The track detail on this game is really good too. I've riden Brands, Donington and Oulton Park and on the game they are pretty much spot on. Even the building detail is a good and I was amazed at the cut scene for the classic race at brands as the pits really do look like that. Only thing I don't like are the big black and white chevron signs giving you directions. How often do you get those at race circuits?


It seems to suffer from the GP4 trait of having "canned" spins i.e. the game seems to decide, right, lets initiate spin #4, and after that, it spins the car round like it's on a turntable - very annoying as it is just not realistic.

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