Toca 2 - can controls be reconfigured?


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Got this for the XBOX - love the game :smashin: but hate the configured driving controls (ie RI for accelerate). Have tried to reconfigure this with not succes - I want A for accelerate etc.

Can this be done



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I can't understand why anyone would want a digital button rather than an analogue trigger for braking and accelerating?


I agree :) Try to get used to the analogue controls, they offer the greatest degree of control and precision and will make winning races much easier than any digital configuration :)


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I've only played the demo on the Official mag disc. Really liked the game. I find the controls a little unforgiving. One false move and you're off the and last. Is there any way of altering the sensitivity of the steering in the full game?

Very similar to the original BTCC game on PS1. Very exciting.


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Don't know off hand about adjusting sensitivity for the steering, but each car has different handling anyway.

And for accelerating you deffo need to use the right trigger so you can control how much power you need coming out of the corners, if you just grip it and rip (ie if you just hold it down fully) your soon find yourself doing donuts and in last place


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I've been playing a lot this game and I agree that default configuration is perfect. But if you don't like the triggers you can also control brake/throttle with the right analog stick. It's a lot like driving a remote control car. :)

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