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Drummerboy said that you can help me about buying my new tw.

I'm thinking to buy a Philips 9527 or a Philips 9617, but I don't know what would be the better choice.

Can you help me?




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What I actually mean't was that Zacabeb could explain the differences in chassis types.
In retro, probably should have left out that info as it ain't really that relevant.
Sorry for any confusion.


Thanks drummerboy for your information.

But the great question is:

Must I choose the better chassis? (9617)

Must I choose the better tube? (9527)

Must I choose simply the better quality image for me? (???)

What's the most important aspect in this case?



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For me, it will always be picture quality, and going on recent experience, its gotta be the 9617.
Looks like I've got to wait a few more weeks for mine though, 'cos the wife wants to decorate the lounge, and I don't fancy lugging a 32 incher around.
(And no, I'm not bragging !)


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From what I've understood the chassis in the PW9527 is similar to the EMG series of chassis used in the 8000 series. It is simplified a bit from the MG chassis used in the PW9617 and some sets have irreperable geometry problems. It seems to vary dramatically between individual sets.

Although I haven't seen the PW9527 I think you should take a look at both sets and compare them. If the higher degree of internal screen curvature on the PW9617 does not bother you, I'd recommend that over the PW9527.


Thanks Zacabeb for your reply!!!!!

But at this moment y have a great problem.

9527 sets are missing.

perhaps all people are buying these sets?

or maybe have been retired?

I only have seen one 9617 and I liked it, but it's much more expensive than the 9527.

I'd know it's worth buyng a 9617. Is it so superior?

thanks again.


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