Question To Upgrade or not upgrade.

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Current Phone Nokia 6.0. Cost me £70 refurbished. Likes: All metal casing, Built like a tank, Gorilla Glass Screen (not even a scratch after 14 mths), not many bugs. Dislikes: Keyboard plays up around backspace key, Internal battery, gets hot on video calls (so does my wife's iPhone SE).
Spotted: Motorola E6 plus £80 @ Argos (UK). Likes Large screen, faster processor good on battery life, faster charging, decent reviews, case and different colour back included, seperate battery. Dislikes, Plastic casing, screen can have blue tint, micro (not nano) SIM, ( adapter included), not fastest budget processor.
My budget is £100 max. Pls don't offer suggestions over that. I don't like Sony, Samsung (both have cracked screen issues) or Apple! I really like my Nokia. Apparently they're nicknamed 'The Tank'. It works fine, is responsive, but when I was furloughed, battery seemed to go really fast. I had a Lumia 640 LTE before the 6 and got two days battery use, with a charge, including a lot of browsing. The 6 seems to, after a year, loose charge quicker, though now I'm back working it lasts about a day.
The Motorola looks an attractive buy, but do I need it? Last Saturday I spilt liquid over my Nokia. It went funny on me. Volume kept going up and down, sound stopped working, and if you rang it disconnected the call. After about 9 hrs it had dried out, and has worked perfectly since. I'm wondering if I need to upgrade. Biggest bugbear with the Nokia is the glitchy keyboard. If you press the backspace I often get a letter L, even though the backspace turns grey for a second, or nothing happens. My phone is probably from 2017. The Motorola was released just under a year ago. I don't know what Motorola screens are like, never had one, but had bad experiences with a Sony (cracked on a table overnight whilst I slept) and I've seen loads of cracked Samsung screens. Contrast that with my Lumia 640 screen being undamaged since buying in 2016 (Only upgraded because Apps stopped working), and the 6 which hasn't a single mark on the screen after 14 months. My last 2 phones have been kept in cases which flip over to protect the screen. Would the Motorola be a better upgrade? Both the Nokia and Moto have octo core processors, 1.4 Ghz vs 2.0 Ghz. The big downside of the Moto is going to a plastic cased phone. Am I mad? Any other suggestions. I know the Nokia 2.3 is £99, but reviews aren't that good. Should I stick or twist. Any suggestions greatfully appreciated, but please £100 max. 😀

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If you Nokia 6 does everything you want it to do, bar the keyboard accuracy. Why don’t you just install another keyboard in Android and see if you like that one better.

There you go, £100 saved. I’ll take 50% of that please. 👌🤣


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SwiftKey used to be good but I've not used it in ages, it looks like it's owned by Microsoft now I've just noticed so no idea if they've ruined it.

In theory if it's a Microsoft product it'll alternate between being crap and good at each version change 😀


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gboard works well, but you may also have a screen sensitivity problem.

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