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To the 50 inch tv owners


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Hello there

This is to the 50 inch tv owners.

1. What kind of screen do you have - plasma, LCD/led ?

2. Just wondering how far do you sit from your 50 inch tv ?

3. How do you find the picture quality specifically on normal standard definition channels ?

Psycho Sonny

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Hello there

This is to the 50 inch tv owners.

1. What kind of screen do you have - plasma, LCD/led ?

2. Just wondering how far do you sit from your 50 inch tv ?

3. How do you find the picture quality specifically on normal standard definition channels ?

1. Plasma

2. Living Room - 12 feet, Bedroom - 8 feet

3. Fine as it is upscaled nicely, but that depends a lot on the quality of the equipment and the feed.

Brava 210

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Did have 50"

Sat 11 feet away

Changed to 65"

Picture on SD was good


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I sit 8-9ft away from my 46" Panasonic GT30 plasma and some SD channels can look OK, but many look poor, with some of the worst Freesat channels being almost unwatchable.

Upscaled DVDs usually look fine, although I guess they are normally about as good as SD gets.

There can be a big difference between individual SD Freesat/Freeview channels, presumably due to improvements in recording technology (the age of the program can make a difference) and the difference between broadcast bitrates making some channels look better than others - something like a current episode of Eastenders on BBC1 might look OK for example, but an old episode of Red Dwarf on Dave will look awful.

I'm gutted that you can no longer get 46" 1080p plasmas because I'd struggle to jump to 50" while still watching SD material at my (fixed) viewing distance, no matter how good the upscaling is I suspect. Based on my experience with a 46", I'd guess I'd want to be sat a good few feet further back to watch SD on a 50" screen (so 10-11ft minimum).

Everyone's eyesight is different and everyone has different expectations/standards though - you'll need to demo your chosen set (or a comparable one at least) at your chosen viewing distance to be absolutely sure.


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just upgraded my old 42 inch pansonic hd plasma to the new 50 inch pansonic txl50et60b and its a massive leap up it terms of picture quality and features.the et60 is 1080p compared to 720p on my old set but on my old set virgin and sky channels always looked pretty bad they wernt clear and on some channels it looked like a old vhs tape was playing but on the new set standard channels via the freeview ariel look superb as does sky and virgin channels ,my wife said for th first time she can see things much more clearly its as if there was a piece of muslin covering the screen before and now it looks amazing.
im a massive gamer and wii u/ps3/x360 look breathtaking and the movements are fluid with no visable or distracting motion blur.
and once you put a bluray on or 3d movie that's when you notice how crisp and lifelike the images are even old movies look hd I watched avengers last night and it looked better than id ever saw it before it was if I was watching it for the first time.
I highly recommend you buy the txl50et60b I got it for £879 with a free bluray player and 5 year warrenty its the best bargain of the year so far ;)


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Got plasma Panasonic txp-50vt50 wall mounted

Sit about 10 foot away

Standard def. on plamsa is good
Some Chanels with poor but rate worse
Like gold (ex uk gold) on sky
Football in standard def is pretty good too.
Had a samsung ue55es8000 LED standard def was apauling and football was so graining and blurry was unwatchable..,

John Lewis doing the Samsung 3d plasma flagship model from last year with ps51e8000 with built in Skype camera and motion and voice gesture with 5 year warranty £899. .RRP on release was £1899
Hard to find on there site as its in their the clearance section

6 foot away from mine looks fine


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i sit around 6 or 7 ft away away, i could probably go a few feet either side of that and it would be fine


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I sit about 10 feet away. I currently have a 50" Panasonic G20 Plasma, but I'm considering an upgrade to a 55" Panasonic ST60 Plasma.


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Running a Sammy 51" Plasma.

Seating ranges from 3 feet to 9/10.

SD channels all depends on the feed, major channels SD quality is a lot better though watch as much as I can in HD.


Distinguished Member
I would say about 7-8 ft for good quality HD content. Logically it would be about twice that for SD, i.e., 14-16 ft, but you can get away with a bit less than that if you don't stare at it like a hawk.


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Sit 7ft away from screen, mostly watch blu-ray and hd channels and gaming, not bothered on how sd looks.


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Wall mounted 55vt50 plasma

Seating distance is 10 feet

SD is not to shabby but I tend to stick to HD be it tv, gaming or bluray


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KRP500... 50"

Blu-ray 4 to 6.5 ft. HD broadcast 6ft to 12ft. DVD's 6ft to 12ft. SD broadcast 7ft to 12ft. Gaming 4ft to 6ft


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4-6' from a 55" led.

Great for movies, Blu-ray, HD, and gaming.

SD is okay, but we really wanted the 'movie' experience.

Breaking the distance rules perhaps, but who cares, we like it.

4' btw is when I sit on the floor in front of the sofa to play games. Mini IMAX or what !!!!

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