To Tension or Not to Tension - Advice, Please


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Hi. May as well admit it- I am a newbie!

I am looking for an electric screen to go with my Optoma HD72 - have not decided on width, but probably 6 or 6.5 feet. My budget for the screen is about £500-600. Could someone please give me a view on whether it's better to go cheaper screen, with tab tensioning, or more expensive screen without it? :lease:

Of course, any specific recommendations would be great. Ambient light conditions are ok - it's a living room, not a cinema room. Bonus points if the budget allows for remote, too.

Thanks a lot.


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Any further thoughts?


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Just wondering - would a tab electric screen roll up with the tensions in place, or do they have to be manually screwed into place each time??

Thanks, James


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I have not got a screen yet but I'm pretty sure the TT roll-up fine.

Timmy C

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Yes they do roll up fine. I have a Da-Lite tab tensioned and there's no way I could ever go back to non-tensioned after living with this one.


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hi, I have a tab tensioned firehawk and a normal owl one. Both are electric and to me - unless it was a fixed screen I won't be going back to non tensioned.

With that said, the firehawlk cost about 1500 pounds more....


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