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To save up or to buy a Q Acoustics 3090C Centre


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Currently I have a random Kef 2005 from an old set running as my centre speaker and I need to organise getting a new one which can actually do the job.

I have a a yamaha 373 amp. Kef LS50 front L & R. Some floor standing Cambridge Audio s70 as rears currently.

As you can see, its a massive mis match of stuff. I want to get things a bit more uniform and I see the Q Acoustics as a good value path going forward. I'm considering the Q Acoustics
3090C, or should I hold out, wait a lot longer and continue with Kef LS50's. Buy a pair, put one as a centre then use the spare..erm elsewhere?


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Personally I would always want the front 3 speakers to at least be the same make and model. Since you are going for some quality speakers with the Kef LS50s I would not want to compromise the sound with a mismatched centre hence I would get another LS50 for the centre. In fact I would probably not use a centre at all at the moment and let the LS50s create a phantom centre instead (try it to see if it sounds better than your current mismatched system).
Also the LS50s deserve a much better amp than you Yamaha to get the best from them so that would be next on my list of things to upgrade as well.


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Cheers PSM1!

The budget is a lot tighter than it was 1-2 years ago when I got the ls50's sadly. I do ideally when the LS50's and I might just save up and get some second hand this time round. This year we (the misses and I) are saving for a house and a wedding for the next 18 months, so AV might be put on the back burner. Hence why I could get the cheaper center speaker now or wait a bit.

As its always better to buy a pair, what do you think I should do with the 'spare' ls50? There's no point not using it.


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If you can buy a single LS50 then just buy a single one. There used to be a 6.1 configuration so could use the 'spare' LS50 and a centre rear speaker.
I would not waste money on another mismatched centre so wait until you can afford an LS50.

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Hello Raoulx

This is an interesting dilemma.

As is often the case, we broadly agree with PSM1's advice. There's no question that the KEF LS50 is an outstanding speaker and therefore the 'no cost' option of having no centre channel will always deliver excellent results.

The dilemma is this: PSM1 and many other respected contributors to this forum always recommend identical 'front three' speakers. This is usually good advice because original posters mainly ask about incorporating inferior centre channel speakers.

But supposing members were asking about a clearly superior centre channel speaker - one that would deliver clearer more natural dialogue? Would you actually want to deliberately 'colour/mask' dialogue and centre channel detail, so it matched an inferior sound from the front left and right channels?

That's not the case here. As previously stated, the LS50 is outstanding with excellent mid-range clarity. So, rather than the 3090C, it would be interesting to try one of the new Q Acoustics 'Concept' Centre speakers with the LS50. The Concept's Gelcore cabinet means it has ultra-low cabinet resonance, leading to an extraordinarily open, detailed and dynamic centre channel performance.

We haven't tried it yet (it's on the list :)) but we suspect they'd make an sonic excellent match. If you have the time, your friendly local Q Acoustics stockist would probably let you borrow a Concept Centre for the weekend.

Best regards


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Thank you both for the reply. Quantum AV supply single LS50's from previous posts/interactions. Just the resale issues occur and then either you or the next customer having no box and the retailer potentially missing out. Yada yada yada... Suppose that won't happen for a while mind!

I did enjoy the concept 20's when listening to them in the past (it was between the Kef and Concept 20s), so it could be an option. I posted the 3090 as it fit's the 'look' a bit more as the silver front finish stands out more and possibly clashes more with the rose gold/black and silver/black. Albeit I assume there is a grill on the Concept centre? I best check next time I get to the nearest store. Probably in the new year now.

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