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to plasma or not to plasma?

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs' started by dts_boy, Aug 4, 2002.

  1. dts_boy


    Nov 26, 2001
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    Manchester suburbs...
    i am looking to replace my trusty toshiba 36" picture frame tv with a 42" plasma. my main question is, will the picture improve dramtically when running progressive scan off dvd and how will the tv pictuer look through it? my tv signal will come from an ntl cable box via rgb out of a scart. i saw a plasma running from a video recorder as a tuner today and that was a pretty good picture, i was quite surprised to see that it was an analogue broadcast, is this worth considering? lastly, how much would i be looking at getting for my tosh tv bought in september last year with a transferable 5 year warranty and would any of you out there be interested?
    thanks in advance!
  2. The Huss

    The Huss

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    I upgraded from a tosh 32" WS to a 50" plasma this year and YES the PQ for Prog Scan via component is very very impressive ..you wouldn't be disappointed.

    However, I would question your wisdom of swapping out a recent 36"CRT for a 42" plasma, bearing in mind the 'newness' of your current tosh - no offense.

    Better, me thinks, to hang onto what is by most reviews a fairly decent TV and picture for a while longer whilst saving the extra pennies to really make the BIG leap to 50". I KNOW that 50's are significantly more expensive but your 'cost to change' is already gonna be high!

    My logic is that given another 18 months or so you'll have got better value from your existing investment, while at the same time hoping that the cost of the 50's will have fallen a bit.

    As for TV picture - the old adage applies - 'garbage in garbage out. I'm currently taking an analogue feed into my screen and it is cr*p. Not a big issue as the screen is really for DVD only (still got the tosh for everyday). I do live in poor analogue reception area but these bigger screens show up EVERY blemish.

    Another digi convert on the way.

    I've read elswhere on this forum that NTL output PQ wise is not up to the likes of Sky so I may be forced down that route. Any thoughts?

    Good luck whatever you decide.



    PS Was in Tokyo recently and saw some new CRT TVs. SIze can't compare but as far a PQ goes it knocked my Plasma into a cocked hat!

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