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hi there,

I am going to get me a new TV very soon. high on my list are philips sets because they seem to get good reviews and my dealer is also raving about them. now the question is whether I go for a pixel plus model or not. basically I get to hear bad things about pixel+ and when I looked at it myself I though I would definetly need time to get used to it.

I wm wondering whether the non-pixel+ models like the 32pw8818 are any good. it seems to me that all serious models by philips come with pixel+. turning of pixel+ wouldn't be an option really because that would also turn of digital natural motion.

the sets on my list:
32pw8818 - no pixel+ -> any better recommendations?

I would love to go for the 36" model if my dealer makes a good price but it does have the pixel plus stuff.... any suggestions? is there a 36" philips without pixel plus? is the 32pw8818 without pixel+ good enough if you don't want pixel+?

help :)

I've had a pixel plus set for a month now and over all I'm really pleased with it. The technology does occasionally struggle with certain programmes such as football, where sometimes the movement of the ball does not appear very smooth. I use either double lines or 100Hz when pixel plus doesn't suit the source. The picture is still very good in these modes. When the source suits pixel plus its excellent and very detailed. When I do switch off pixel plus due to the source, I always switch it back on at the earliest opportunity. I tend to leave it in Movie Plus mode. I view the set from around 2/2.5 metres.

The model I have is the 32" 9528 . I looked at the 9308 but the 9528 has 3 scarts and dolby pro logic and is similar in price.

Hi,as i follow up to your question i have the 36PW9618 and would not swop it with anything else the picture is amazing it has 4 scarts 2 of which are rgb so i use these 2 for the digital box and dvd as for pixal plus i leave mie just about all the time in movie plus mode even the football is great,one bit of advise I would give you is to buy the tv online,find the model you want and search it out online as an example I saved over £550 by spending a lot of time at the local shops checking out the best setsasking all the questions ,seeig the features of each model and what it could do and the picture quality when i had done this I just got the best price I could on line knowing that when it arrived I was fully aware of everthing and not hoping it would be ok as you say your looking at a 32" but the same money at your local dealer will get you a 36" online plus the new Philips tv's look fantastic even when off mine has digital dolby with the cordless speakers and the sound is also brill
Same for me.

My PP 9527 has given me a fantastic picture even though I use terrestrial channels and the antenna is in the loft.

I suppose that having a new tube fitted after a year was a slight drawback.


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