To Naim or not to Naim - that is the question....


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I'm currently in the process of upgrading my whole system and have started, as ever, with source with an NDX 2 streamer

The rest of my current system is Naim (apart from speakers) with NAP 200, NAC 202, HiCap DR and Napsc as my amplification unit. I'm about to pull the trigger on a full amplification upgrade path to NAP 250 and NAC 282 (and speakers but that's a whole different subject and thread...) but thinking, given the spend budget of circa £10k (including trade ins) should I not at least consider alternate routes? I've always had Naim so am used to THAT sound but feel I owe it to myself to at least listen to some other gear.

Given that where would you start? I'm not precious about pre and power (my mate has a Gryphon 300 intergrated which sounds awesome) but I'm not sure where to begin!


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I'd say one item to put on your home trial list would be the Lyngdorf TDA-3400 and see what that brings to your system. You may find it breathe new life into your speakers, You can tailor the product with extra internal addons making it very versatility

If you want something a little more traditional, one of my favorites would be by Luxman, the L-509X really is something special. I've heard our demo model drive a few speakers and I'm always surprised at how much this amp is able to bring out of any speaker. Its sonic and control with bass as simply second to none. It's been some time since I've heard something so capable from one box


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Another vote for the Lyngdorf.

Considerably less expensive, quite superb and Room Perfect is a revelation.

You can also digitally add a further Lyngdorf power amp should you need ludicrous bi-amp power or wish to go active with some of Naims older speakers, or indeed some of Kudos’s mighty efforts.


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Just installed my system with TDAI-2170 and RoomPerfect, +1 for Lyngdorf. So easy, understated and remarkable.


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Another vote for Lyngdorf


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Having owned a Naim 82/135s combo with SBL speakers in the past, but now with a Lyngdorf TDAi 3400 driving ATC speakers, I'll add a further vote for Lyngdorf. Best sounding system I've ever owned. :)

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Well this is interesting. Many here have recommended Lyngdorf, but having had a loan TDAI-3400 for a couple of weeks, I looked elsewhere and settled for NAD's Master Series M33 in the end. That was after home auditioning amps from Lyngdorf, Sugden, Accuphase, GamuT, Benchmark, Quad, Mark Levinson, Micromega, Bakoon and Valvet.

It's a bargain at £4K in my opinion and don't let the mid-fi NAD name put you off - the Master Series is proper hi-fi and just look at the reviews and awards it's picked up. It sounds exceptional and includes all you're likely to want including streamer (but you have a Naim one so interesting to compare), MM and MC phono, headphone, Dirac Live DSP (which I found rather better than RoomPerfect) - and plenty of your budget left over to enable you to look for what makes the biggest difference - exceptional speakers. I'm more than happy with this £4K streamer amp to feed a £32K speaker system. It's that good.

If interested - see Stereophile review and Products of the Year 2020 and M33 - NAD Electronics

PS I have nothing against the Lyngdorf 3400 as it sounded amongst the better amps on my test list. However, compare for example the LED screen with the NAD one and you see immediately the superiority (in clarity and usefulness) of the NAD- the Lyngdorf one looks like a dot matrix printer! Likewise the IR remote. Both use Class D amp modules, but the Purifi one in the NAD is a more recent development than the one used in Lyngdorf, but they are both very good.
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