To much equipment, too many wires arrrgghh!


Feersum enjinn

Okay i am wondering if there is a cheap option to handle all this ...

Room 1 living room -

Digital box - 1 x Scart and 1 x serial out option
Video recorder - 1 x scart out option
DvD player - 1 x scart and 1 x s-Vid out option
Homechoice special TV box - 1 x scart out option
Terrestial TV aerial

All sources need to be fed out to three sources.

The (1) TV and the (2) projector in the same room. I dont mind swapping over one cable between TV and Projector though.

Then the second (3) TV in my bedroom.

I want to do this fairly cheapily,

My questions are :-

(1) Will a Prov do this?
(2) I need to change channels from my bedroom. Any advice on cheap/workable remote control/infa red signal transferers.

Thanks in you can help!

richard plumb

Distinguished Member
If you had a VCR/DVD with two SCARTs, it would help, as you could daisy-chain stuff.


If you have RGB only stuff, like your digital set top box, then the ProV and projector won't handle it. The new RGB-Svideo converter from John Sim also comes with a SCART pass through. This will allow you to get s-video out to a ProV/projector, while still allowing you to be connected to your TV.

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