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    good day to all av forums member! i have bought bose am 10,yammy rxv800,and klipsch ksw12 subwoofer but frankly to tell you i really dont know what's cross-over frequency should i choose in my amp? what hertz should i select in my ksw12 sub? the sub has frequncy range from 40 to 120 hertz. im really confused about these settings. should i choose large or small set-up for my bose am10 ? the bose manual says it should be large while in home cinema mags says if your speakers are small choose small set-up in your amp. and what about the am10 module? i dont even know what is this thing that is connected to my speakers. WHEW! im the type of guy who hears and sees something good and decide to buy it. those guys where i bought these equipment are fully equiped or inept to satisfy my questions! so please help MEEEEEEH! many thanx.

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