To Miele or not to Miele?


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I’m the one in profit - as several appliances have required replacement, costing significantly more than I originally paid for them.


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After many Bosch appliances looking tatty and dying after 7-10 years, I have moved everything over to Miele. They work better are nicer to use and don't fall apart. My double oven, looks like new (nearly) after a good clean, and it's 18 years old. I recently bought a WM with twinsdos, (automatic detergent dosing) works brilliantly. I bought the MW, DW and TD all used from eBay, all look and work like new for a fraction of the price.

Derek S-H

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In my experience, the Miele vacuum cleaner I use has been the best I've ever owned, and it wasn't significantly more expensive than its competitors.

I recently replaced my Bosch washing machine with another Bosch. The old one was still going strong after 17 years, but wasn't energy efficient and only had a maximum 1000 spin speed. I did look at Miele but couldn't justify the expense compared to the Bosch's performance and reliability.

I know German engineering, materials and quality control are stereotypes for excellence, but there is a semblance of truth in it (despite some of the horror stories on this Thread) and I think Bosch is a very good and much more affordable alternative.


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My only with issue with Bosch (and the whole BSH group) is the vast discounts they give out which really makes you think they are trying it on with their pricing.

I dont think you can ever really justify the premium price of Miele but if you can afford it they have some exceptional performance. Recently installed a steam combi oven that I managed to get in the sale (current model), as a conventional/fan oven it heats up exceptionally rapidly, it holds its temperature precisely (our old Whirlpool oven would be +/- 10C of the set temp as it heats up above temp then lets it cool down below), the shelves pull out on runners far beyond the oven making basting etc easy and are good up to 15kg, even the oven door is good up to 20kg standing on it. Most importantly of all, using the reheat & crisp function really does make leftover pizza taste like its just been cooked :)


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Not always the prettiest machines but they are bulletproof units. Very quiet in operation too, ours remains so even after 6 years of daily use.


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Have a Miele Washer and a separate dryer which are around 6-7 years old. Never skipped a beat.

Adrian E

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Just bought a pair of Miele ovens, as they're clearing out the last of their 6xxx series models now the 7xxx models are available. These will replace the dreadful AEG tat our housebuilder installed in 2015.

Gone for top end models at over 60% off the RRP, in the shape of a 60x60cm single oven and a 45x60cm compact steam oven.

Annoyingly Miele don't show the discounts, but browsing their website you'll find ovens priced at £1100-1600 that were in some cases knocking on £4.5k each! Couldn't justify at the original prices, which we were quoted about a year ago, but now they're about the same money as Siemens options it's a no-brainer on the longevity front.

Long time Miele fan - sold a washer-dryer when we moved house, and a freestanding dishwasher, which both fetched good money. Already replaced the AEG dishwasher with a Miele and it's well worth the extra cost.


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I posted further up this thread regarding a replacement dishwasher. We bought the Miele dishwasher in the end (G6660) and 10 months later we are really pleased with it. I know it replaced the cheapest, crapiest machine possible but this thing is great.

Recently replaced our tumble dryer with a Miele which is also a huge upgrade. I suspect in the future I won't look at other brands - though I'd quite like a range cooker and they seem to start around £10k so I might look elsewhere then!


My Miele washing machine has just broken down after 11 years, unfortunate because it had a 10 year guarantee. I called out the Miele technician (cost £75), who told me that it would cost over £1000 to repair!

So basically, it's beyond economic repair and I'm extremely annoyed - especially when Miele claim in their own advertising that you should expect 20 years out of one.

It had low hours on it too, only two of us in the household, and the tech commented on this.
what did you do about it?


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My wwi660 is still going strong after nearly 2 years (and so it should given the price). I do think it may have got slightly louder. I've been using the twindos system, which I'm not 100% about. Sometimes it runs out and you don't notice, so end up doing a load with the detergent switched off. The wifi aspect works well. I have tasker set up on my phone to alert me when the notification comes through, so never forget to empty it. I don't use any of the phone app functions though and don't really see why you would?
As domestic and still somewhat affordable machine go - definitely go for Miele. There are better machines out there, but cost considerably more, even the top end of domestic market ( V-zug or Schulthess ) will cost you way way more than Miele, yet Miele still gives nearly commercial quality. For those horror stories - as they sell quite a few machines, there bound to be some that fail ( simple number game - statistically so many failed machine per 1000s sold - their fail rate is considerably lower than even the second best though ) , yet expectations and service is better than most of other makes, even though it cost more. Not the prettiest WM but who buys washing machines for their looks ? Driers, ovens , hobs are very very good too, coffee machine or microwave is waste of money and more money than sense comes to mind. One thing I would say NOT to Miele is fridge / freezer - buy LIebherr instead ( domestic fridge/freezer is the only appliance that Miele does not produce but buy from -liebherr so you get the same quality for a LOT less.


Yeah agree about Liebherr fridge/freezers. My 12 year old Miele one was getting very loud with door seals failing so it was time to replace it. The A+++ Miele one I wanted was around £900, however the almost identical looking one from Liebherr (also A+++ rated) was around £600 so bought this instead last Xmas. Very happy with it, so spacious and so damn quiet!

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