To megapixel Or not to megapixel?




Can anyone give me a quick and simple rundown of reasons why I would go for a megapixel dv camcorder as opposed to say a 800,000? Obviously quality will improve but Is the difference worth the extra couple of hundred and does it affect video or is the main benefit on stills?

I'm currently trying to decide whether to get a pana..GS3 or a GX7 and if I'm not going to notice the difference in my amateur antics then I may as well save the money!



If you are going to put you video onto VHS then the different quality (IMHO) will not be noticeable, but if mastering to a DVD burner then go for the best as the lower quality will probably be noticeable. If a DVD burner is possible in the future then go for the megapixal camcorder as it will then be more future proof.



A very good point - and as I don't currently have DVD writer its a point I would never have considered! Like you say though....future proof.....hmmm
Thanks for that.

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