To go progressive or not???


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I'm in the middle of wondering if I will change my DVD player
for a progressive model. I've just got a Panasonic AE100 pj
and am using a Sony 725 player....I've had it a few years but the
sound and picture quality is very good and am just wondering
if the progressive would make a big differance. I'm using a
component connection for the DVD and its about 300euro
for a decent new player....any help would be great...




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I have the same problem: upgrade the dvd player or not. Currently I use a Philips DVD950 with a SONY HS-1 pj. Yesteday I had a demostration of the Primare v25 (PAL & NTSC ps)... And the difference was big, ... very big, between interlaced component output and progressive component output.

I´m searching for the funds and I will buy the Primare as soon as I can...

But I think you should see it by yourself. Appoint for a demo ...


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