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I'm looking for a stand that will house all my AV and PC kit. I've got an Xbox (to be replaced by an Xbox 360), a Samsung HD-850 DVD player, some Sony wireless headphones, a Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse, a HP printer, a HP scanner, a cable modem and a PC base unit.

On top of the unit will be my Samsung LE32R51BD. Now, what I really would like would be a unit that can hold all of these things in a separate space or compartment. Things I'd like the unit to have are as follows:

a) doors for each compartment (perhaps frosted glass, but not a deal breaker)
b) nice looks
c) a good finish
d) not incredibly expensive
e) perhaps integrating decent space for DVD storage, too.

I saw that someone had put together 2 Ikea Oppli units, which looked good, but I'd need a compartment for the PC base unit, and apparently the highest space you could put something into was only 25cm - my PC base unit stands at 50cm. Whilst I could cut out the shelf in one part, to create a compartment big enough for the base unit, I'm not sure if this would affect how much weight the unit could hold. I don't want to alter it in such a way that the thing collapses when I put all my stuff on it! Also, the Oppli doesn't come with doors.

What I really want to know is quite simple - is there a unit on the market that would hold all my gear and fit the criteria I've laid out above?

If not, I have done some rough sketches of a unit I could make myself - with lots of help some very technical and DIY-minded friends - might this be more suitable, or would it be more trouble than it's worth? The unit I envisioned making would have two "towers" to hold DVDs to the left and right of the base section where all of the AV items were stored.

Any suggestions or advice you may have would be greatly appreciated.

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