To cap or not to cap, that is the question

Do you use the lens cap on your projector when it's not in use?

  • Every time

    Votes: 20 51.3%
  • Sometimes

    Votes: 2 5.1%
  • Never / rarely

    Votes: 16 41.0%
  • My projector has a spiffy automatic lens cover

    Votes: 1 2.6%

  • Total voters


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I'm interested to know how many of you guys use the lens cap on your projector when it's not in use.



Active Member
Always...and as it's shelf mounted, a small heavy towel/cloth covering the body, to help avoid dust going into the air vents.

Whether it has any benefit...I don't know...better on than off!


Active Member
Whats the best way to clean a lens, I know you can get lint-free wipes from jessops but I was hoping there was a more 'gentler' way to clean rather than wiping the lens directly?


Active Member
Never, it always knocks off the focus. The room is pretty much dust free and it's mounted on the cieling keeping it out of harms way.


Active Member
Never - mounted on a high ceiling (I have to balance on the back of the sofa to reach it) so it is too much of a PITA, and it knocks the focus.

Even if it were more easily accessible, it would still be never. Optical glass is pretty resilient so don't worry about giving an occasional clean (with a lint-free cloth, or a camel hair brush).

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