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I've never bought a console on release date cos they have always been stupidly overpriced,then 6 months later plummet but tbh,I really cant see the XBOX360 getting much cheaper than it is atm considering the hardware you are,the question is to buy or not to buy :confused:

Im predominantly a pc gamer,and although I have an XBOX it hardly ever gets used apart from an occasional drunken blast of pes4,amped 2 or burnout3.I really am undecided on wether Im going to get one of these box's of tricks so without this turning into a console v's pc thread what do people think are the pros and cons?

To my knowledge the 360 is going to be superior to the top end pc's at the time of its release, and when you look at the price you would pay for a pc that could reasonably compete in the performance stakes you are talking some serious pennies being thrown at overclockers :rolleyes: but that being said ,how long till the pc catches up and actually overtakes the 360?The pc has a major advantage in the way it can be upgraded when neccesary/affordable.

Although Im mostly into the first person shooter game genre,you cant beat an occasional bit of drunk driving,or a bit of footy on a 10 ft screen whilst being sponsored by Mr Artois,and in this dept the 360 is going to win easily, but what about the first person shooters?I've read some posts stating that games like COD2 are actually more impressive on the xbox360 than the pc equivalent which is interesting but then you have the whole mouse/keyboard and controller malarkey :rolleyes: I really cant see me ever being 100% comfortable playing a game like COD with a gamepad;Quake on the Dreamcast was a looong time ago and as much as I think it maybe just a matter of adapting, I dont think a pad is ever going to give you the control you get with the mouse.Have MS stated if they intend to provide mouse and keyboard support?

Game prices are also an issue,from what I can gather we are going to be looking at £40+ which is a sizeable jump from the 20 odd quid I pay for pc games......then we have things like the game devs charging extra for new maps and content which is outrageous as far as Im concerned and its made even worse by the fact that unlike pc games you dont have the mod community churning out mods,new maps,etc so unless you fork out the extra cash you are stuck with the same couple of maps for ever :nono:

You also have the stability aspect,with the 360 there will be no more worrying about drivers,hardware compatability,windows problems,crashes,etc,it will just be you one magic box of tricks ,no worries,just happy HD gaming.

Theres also the ........AAARGGGGGHHHH ,I could go on forever,I really dont know if I should take the plunge or keep throwing money at my pc,but TBH,even if I did get one I would probably still have to keep throwing money at my pc as well anyway :suicide:

Deciscions,deciscions....... :lease:


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I would wait if I were you. Even if you try to pre-order one now you're unlikely to receive one before xmas. Therefore you may as well wait until the new year and see what happens.

As lovely as the graphics of PGR3 are, they only game I'm really salivating over is Gears of War and I may decide to cancel my pre-order and get one next spring instead when it releases. But given I always get caught in the hype, that probably won't happen! :D

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It really doesn't sound like you need one at the moment as you hardly use your Xbox. If I was you, I would just mod your Xbox and unleash its full potential first.

Far cheaper option and will give you Xbox a whole new lease of life! You might even start using it ;)


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Monty Burns said:
It really doesn't sound like you need one at the moment as you hardly use your Xbox. If I was you, I would just mod your Xbox and unleash its full potential first.

Far cheaper option and will give you Xbox a whole new lease of life! You might even start using it ;)

Had my XBOX chipped ages ago,but the bloody thing broke after 1 day!sent it back to the place that chipped it and it worked for 2 days then broke again :mad: Gave up on it after that :suicide:

I think my dilema is if the 360 could replace my pc.I like the look of all the GTAesque games which are coming out for it and some of the driving games look superb but could it take the place of my pc?I think Ill just sit back and see what transpires,at the end of the day the worst that can happen is it gets cheaper ;)

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Hmmm .... a lot of solderless chips had issues in that they could shake loose easy, maybe this was the problem?


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Tricky one. I used to be a huge PC gamer and played only occasionally on consoles, but things have changed and I now find myself only really playing on the X-Box. I'm not a fanboy of any platform but personally find console gaming more accessable these days and think that MS have got the whole console package just about right. Here's my pro's & cons regarding PC's and Consoles (focusing mainly on the X-Box & 360).

PC - Pros

- can build to your own spec & overclock for extra juice
- cheaper games
- great for sims with a large range of peripherals/controllers
- can output to a monitor, projector, plasma, lcd etc.
- tend to get mod scenes with some games, extending their life

PC - Cons

- Expensive to get a top end machine
- will generally need to upgrade every couple of years to keep it running the latest games well
- most games have the installation and then patching routine before you can play
- games tend to be released in a more unfinished state than console games and are then patched afterwards
- sometimes not as practical to set up with the Plasma, LCD, PJ etc. due to location - although this can be got around with a thought out set up.
- things tend to go wrong more with PC's and they need maintaining (both in terms of hardware & software)
- no standard online service covering all games that everyone uses
- not as pick up and play as a console
- the PC's purpose is not just as a games machine but they are designed to perform other tasks as well
- games have a poor resale value

Console - Pro's

- Cheap machine
- everything standardised so everyone has the same kit and all games work the same on everyones console
- easily relocated to different rooms and therefore displays
- designed and optimised for gaming
- X-Box Live is a great standardised online service which covers all online games
- quick to boot up a game - just stick it in the drive and turn it on! No booting to windows etc.
- games released in a more finished state than some pc games
- no need to go searching for patches to download, if one is required then it is downloaded and patched automatically
- games hold their resale value much better than PC games
- can also use a range of displays - monitors, TV's, Plasma/LCD, PJ's - especially the 360.
- much more practical for when some mates come over for a beer & gaming session

Console - Cons

- more expensive games
- not upgradable so whilst they start off better than current tech PC's they are usually surpassed after a year or so meaning that PC games tend to be more advanced than console games towards the end of a console generation
- no modding scene
- tend not to have as good a range of controllers and other gaming peripherals as PC's

So that's my view. Personally I find PC gaming too expensive these days and have given in trying to keep up with PC technology. I find console gaming fits my life better now as I can just stick a game on, play for 30 mins, an hour etc. and then just swtich off and maybe come back later. When I used to game on the PC more it was to play games (like strategy games) which took many hours to play. I also really like the X-Box live service which has made online gaming very accessable and you have the same persona no matter what game you're playing. There are some great games on the PC and for some people it will still be the ideal platform, but for me i'm firmly in the console camp these days.


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Monty Burns said:
Hmmm .... a lot of solderless chips had issues in that they could shake loose easy, maybe this was the problem?

I had a few issues with this, had to keep on opening it up and re-screwing the adaptor. However, touch wood it's been okay for a while now...

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