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to buy a un55hu9000? or get something from 2015?

To buy the un55hu9000?

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i'm new here, need a bit of advice, have the chance to get un55hu9000 brand new, for a good price

i know its last years model, but its one of the highest, should I, or are there other options you would recommend from 2015, budget is 1K

please advise, i researched about this one but still unsure.


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For that price (1k CAD$?) I would be inclined to go for it. This was Samsung's flagship LED TV last year and for that budget you wouldn't get a 4K/UHD TV of this year's lineup (a quick glance at Best Buy Canada site shows around $1600 for the 55" JU6500 or JU6400, and those are entry-level 4K TVs). I'm sure you will be very happy with it for quite some time.

However, if you are not yet very familiar with 4K/UHD I would recommend you read up on on it a bit. Some things to take into consideration:
  • The HU9000 has one HDMI port that is HDCP 2.2 capable, which is needed to play back protected 4K content from units external to the TV, such as UHD Blu-ray (when available) or Amazon Fire TV or similar. (Source: CNET and Crutchfield. Samsung's own specs are not entirely clear on this.)
  • Streaming 4K from Netflix and Amazon will work on the TV itself due to the built-in apps, but due to the above it supports one external unit providing protected 4K content.
  • This TV does come with the Samsung One Connect box, so the TV processing unit and inputs can be upgraded if at some point you want/need to without replacing the TV screen.
  • Bear in mind that most content you'll be watching for some time will upscaled from SD and HD to 4K. The TV will do a good job of it, but it is something to keep in mind - particularly for SD content.


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Thanks for the deep reply, I was aware of those facts, I was more concerned about the panel itself, I know that eventually I can get an upgrade kit to fix the only 1 hdcp 2.2 port.

With my research I found this won't do what hdmi 2.0a can do with the 10bit color, or will it be something I likely won't care about as it's already a good image?.

And will the 55ju7100 have better panel and image quality?


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Thanks for the deep reply, I was aware of those facts

Ah, nice one. There's probably not much I can offer apart from my opinion that if future-proofing (ie 10-bit / HDR) is something you're concerned about then you don't want to look at last year models at all.

This year's JU series are the "normal" 4K/UHD (non-SUHD) panels from Samsung, without wider colour gamut or HDR support, so in terms of picture quality I would guess you are (at least) as well off with the top-end HU9000, particularly for the price.


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Sorry by deep I ment in depth. I really appreciate it and will stick to the hu9000 and say he'll with the rest.

Companies are just making far too many models, and Samsung is the worst at that.

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