To Biwire or not, Help?



Im thinking of Biwiring my speakers and have a few questions.

1. all my speaker cables are the same length front rear and centre, should i buy extra cable to biwire or just half the cable to the fronts ( theres more than enough)

2. i have 2 outputs for front speakers on my amp, will i be able to put cable from both sets to biwire to my speakers or do they have to be in the same terminal on the amp as its tough to get 2 sets of wire in one terminal

3. will i actually notice any difference ?



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Bi-Wire??? some will say it makes a difference some will not, the big point will it be a difference worth the effort or expense?. It should make some difference as the conductor is effectively made thicker, also the bass current and the mid-top are seperated and cannot interact (does this make a differece?).

To find out you have to try, but if you dont want to try your best bet is to type "biwiring" in the searh engine on this site and you will become enlightened.

Good luck theres quite a few pages


If you have a high end stereo set up then bi-wiring may be worthwhile depending on the length/type of cable and speaker combination but for HT use you will not notice the difference.


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1. Ecable length to all speakers is IMHO not necessary, in fact the shorter the better. Thus I see no issue if you half the cables to the fronts and center.

2. You can wire from both terminals or squezze the cables into one, doesn't make a difference.

3. Do a search on this subject, it has been discussed many times.


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Borrow the cable you run to the rears and use that to biwire your fronts. Then chuck on your favourite CD and see if you can hear any difference......

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