To anyone getting fluctuating speeds on 50mb whilst using newsgroups to download


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Join the following newsgroup

Send a message to the group advising your having fluctuation speeds whilst using newsgroup to download and they will tell you to do run the newsgroups to download and then they will check the modem to see what that is doing.

They have just done this on mine and have raised a ticket to networks to investigate the throughput as something is amiss.

See here:


Hello Richard,

To take this forward we need to run a check against your cable modem at the
same time you are downloading via paid for newsgroups as its quite possible
that your upstream bandwidth may be saturated. Can you advise when you can
do this test and we will arrange via this newsgroup for someone to monitor
your connection whilst you are downloading. Alternatively you can call into
1st line and request that the agent you speak to contacts 2nd Line so that
they can run a service-flow check on your cable modem.


Kind Regards

Ray Miranda
Virgin Media Technical Support


Hi Richard,

I've managed to see the throughput on the CMTS and raised a
ticket to our networks team for them to investigate.

Kind regards
Paul McFly
VirginMedia Technical Support



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This is a further response I have just had:

Richard wrote:
> Can you explain a little more, what have you actually seen?

HI Richard,

As you reported I observed a major range of fluctuations in regards to the
throughput on your connection. It was jumping from 40mb down to 17mb withing
seconds. This is what I've reported to networks.

Kind regards
Paul McFly
VirginMedia Technical Support


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An update for you:
Hope your all well:
Following on from my complaint raised to VM it appears VM are no longer associating themselves or supporting external newsgroup providers on the 50mb service.
Therefore there passing the book as they are not able to find a problem on their side.
I have suggested that it is the modem software that is at fault as that is the only hardware that has changed on the network. TO prove this I have suggested them trying a 20mb connection on the 50mb modem and seeing the performance.
They dont want to do this so I am going to downgrade to the 20mb connection and seeing how this performs myself.
If I get a poor newsgroup performance again via the 20mb connection then this proves that its the modem software stopping the newsgroup performing at speed.
Ok call to cust services and downgraded to 20mb:
Heres a screen grab to prove this as it took effect within a matter of minutes after a modem reboot:
I then did a download via newsgroup on the same client and setup as the 50mb, so no settings have changed on the computer, and guess what speeds were back to how they were on the 20mb, nice consistent, non fluctuating connection. Here attached is a screen print:
So this leads me to believe it is not the modem that is at fault as the modem remained the same 50mb modem but VM 50mb platform.
Here is a screen print of the behaviour of the 50mb connection:
So what next if Vm are saying they are not gonna support it, the area manager told me it was costing too much and they do not want to be associated with it!
There are people in other countries using faster than 50mb connection also happily using newsgroups, however virgin cannot fix or trace the issue on their own network.
This is not a problem with the modem but the network.
Just rang them back 20mins ago to be put back on 50mb as I don't want the traffic management but it clearly is there network and not the modem as the modem is the same 50mb modem so the firmware/software is not a problem.
The service has changed back to 50mb with speedtests of 50mb see screen print of the modem page but the download speeds on newsgroups are all over the place again.
This is a test VM should have done.
A quick search on google for newsgroups virgin 50mb slow returns many many results!
its a problem and not unique to one newsgroup provider, yet VM don't want to resolve.
Their words were that its illegal as some people are downloading films.

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