To all you people who have not had a replaced sky + box


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How old is your sky + box?

My pace box V2 was 2 years old and was fine till today.


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1 pace V2 with old 40 gb HD now 38mths old and 1 pace V2 with updated 160gb HD 34mths old it got the bigger disck afetr a system fault 12mths ago and I use the old 40gb disk in my pc for mp3's


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My v1 was still going stong after nearly 5 years when it was swapped for a SKY+ HD. My PACE2200 is still in use and that's 8 years old, there is something to say about first generation PACE products:)


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My Pace v1 is 4.25 years old. The HDD died last Christmas, and was replaced with a 160gb Samsung.
Two Pace v1s both 5 years old and still all original


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I fixed my broken box in the end.
I think my cable is dead because I got feed 1 working now.


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Amstrad drx280 (3 weeks old) now back with Sky. Now have new Thomson and its only 3 days old.


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Hi clockworks

i have a v1 box that i need to replace the harddrive on, can you give me the specs of the samsung you have , idea of cost and where to get one from please.




Pave v2 is about 5 now I think ? Put an 80gig HD in it about 18months ago due to constant failures/crashes (documented on here somewhere) and has worked fine since (other than fried modem ,which put paid to my multiroom sub, due lightning strike round here somewhere)



Amstrad A21B029 Version No. 4F2104

O/S 1.31B00

EPG sky+ 4.10.c

Had it since June 06 Never had a problem All recordings perfect. No error messages of any kind. No picure break-up/freezing etc etc.

I know Amstrad get a kicking on here but 7 months now and no problems whatsoever.

Is it luck or are Amstrad not as bad as some think.

la gran siete

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I got my first Pace box 3 years ago. Within the first year I had to get it replaced 3 times. Then the fourth one went out of guarantee so it cost me about £60 to replace that . So far this one is holding steady but the sound does distort somewhat:confused:
Now i am thinking of getting a tv drive from NTL

Jaycee Dove

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Our original Pace Digibox is still working perfectly as it has since day one. Not sure how old but we have had it as primary box since the very start of Sky Digital and as multiroom since Sky + started. So quite a few years.

The Pace PVR 1 Sky + box worked from the start of Sky + service until about a year ago when one of Sky's usually dreaded software time bombs wrecked it. They replaced it with what they told me was a 'superior' Amstrad PVR 2.

A year on and that is having sound skipping issues and based on countless posts and a massive box swap programme Sky seem to be being forced into at present this is a doomed box already.

I think I will buy a new Pace PVR 3 when I can afford one as Sky will not promise any replacement will not be another Amstrad.

Hopefully it is just a case of plug in and get Sky to pair the card over the phone. This is the one thing putting me off doing this.


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I've had my Sky+ for 2 years maybe longer come to think of it. Are Sky meant to replace old boxes? I'm stuck on 20 hours recording space and its a pain! Do the new boxes now have 40?


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I've got 2 Pace PVR 2's, 1 has a 160GB Maxtor drive in it and the other has the original 40GB HDD. One is around 4 years old with no problems at all, the other is about 2 years old again without problems. Only changed HDD due to lack of space.

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