To all with MDF screens...


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Hi all

My HD200x arrived today and has amazed me even though it is setup on an artex wall at the moment!!

I have my 7x4ft mdf board ready for painting tomorrow with some clouded state 3 that I had mixed up at b&q.

My screen is 12mm mdf so weighs a bit but with a couple of mates should be perfectly manageable.

My question is this- How have you guys fixed your screens to the wall??

My wall is brick and i was thinking of screwing a couple of 2x1 to the wall ten screwing the frame onto the battons.

Anyone have any better ideas???


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Mine was an 8ft x 4ft x 3mm thick so much lighter and I just nailed straight through the mdf board into a solid block wall with 1" long nails all round the edge of the screen at 18" intervals.I then covered the edge with with 2" velcro which hid the nail heads.It's been up now about 6 years and has not budged.

Obviously you could try the same but with a longer nail (masonry type) to allow for the extra weight.The baton idea would be ok but you still need to fix the screen to the batons.


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Well I will pre drill and countersink the screen so once the batterns are up it will be an easy job to screw the screen to the wood on the wall

Just want suggestions on how to fix the 3x2 to the wall.

The 3mm pre painted sheet you used is nor available locally to me ao I had to go this route.

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