To all Sony 11ht Owners Please Help Last poet about this



Hi all

just to say thanks before i forget LOL!

Right where do i Start The most inportant thing
first is What is the Bulb Life of the 11ht I have herd
2000hr and 3000hr what is it i know the 10ht was 2000hr but sony
say that the 11ht is 50% more use so do`s this mean its 3000hr
i ask thsi becasue alot of projector websites say its 2000hr
how can that be 50% more than the 10ht when its 2000hrs ??????????
have thay got it wroung what do`s the 11ht manual say about the bulb life

So you are all woundering why well i have a chance of a dem model of the 11ht at £3300 the shop said thay would part ex my sony hs1 and £2000 cash do you all think this is worth it ???????

This is why i`m asking about the lamp life because the dem model has 1700hrs on it now if its 2000hrs no way am i getting it if its 3000hrs well that would last me a couple of years i hope

Also how many hours can you get out of the filter before you have to change it on the sony hs1 its every 1500hrs what is it on the 11ht
thay have a spare filter to

i have demod it and its spot on no real stand out dead pixels well i have wathced it for 10 mins and can not see any

Also what is the best colours to see these dust blobs want to check that out to first


Q1 how many hours 11ht has oh do`s the cinama black efect the lamp life i will keep it on all the time

Q2 how many hours you get out of the filter

Q3 whats the best way to see dust blobs

Q4 Do you think its worth the part exe and £2000

Please let me know and thanks once more


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I upgraded from the cineza to the VW11 a while back, and I can tell you the difference is huge. Well worth it in my opinion.
I only had the cineza for 2 months.
I've had the VW11 for nearly a year and am still delighted with it.

However, 1700 hours is rather a lot. Sony claim 3000 hours life with cinema black on, and 1500 hours with cinema black off.
I'd be cautious 'cos you've no way of knowing how the projector has been used during those 1700 hours! It might only last another 5 minutes.

Sony claim 500hours between filter changes. I've clocked up 200 hours without any sign of trouble.

My advice... depends on the after sales service you'll get from the dealer, but I reckon it costs about 12p an hour to run the bulb.
So, 12p x 1700hours = about £200.
So ask for another £200 off the price!

One thing I would add if you decide to go for it, don't use an ordinary screen if you want it to look its best. I've seen magazine reviews stating the VW11 is no good with shadow detail - All I can say is they can't have been using a Stewart greyhawk.
Expensive, but worth it.

Good luck


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Originally posted by Jules
So ask for another £200 off the price!
Better yet - get them to throw in a new lamp.

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