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To all iphone owners


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Getting a upgarde 2moro, unsure what to choose, iphone seems favourite but wondering if your all happy with yours or would you recommend another route?


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see my posts in the the "Apple wont repair my iphone" thread. Its made me think twice!


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Am very happy with mine, it's a fantastic phone


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Coming from a N95 which was by far my fave phone ever, I LOVE my iPhone.

Only let down for me is the camera as the N95's is superb as far as quick snaps and video go.

That aside, the UI is super sexy and using it is a pleasure.

Was surprised how long the battery lasts playing music all day.
My N95 needed charging as soon as I finished work, the iPhone still has 3/4's of the battery left.

Do it!!! :)


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Love mine (1st Gen on Orange) As long as you know it's short comings and are happy with them then it works better than anything I've tried. Had Nokias for years and loved them and had a Blackberry Pearl from work, but this just works!!! What it does, it does very well.

I have video on it via a third party app, camera pro from a third party app, and to be honest, I have a Casio Exilim card camera for parties 10MP, thinest camera in the world. I also have a Nikon D80 for my arty photos so I don't need a great great on the phone.

I have three Email accounts on the iPhone, two for my business, it's superb. can't have that on a blackberry.

You can read Word, Excel, Powerpoints and PDF's etc and I have 5 movies on there at the moment due to the wonder of Handbrake, as well as videos of my kids playing etc.

It does an awful lot very well!!!

Go for it chap.


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How did you get on? Did you get one?

Just to add -

As others have said, there is room for improvement (camera, no video etc), but having also come from a N95, the iPhone is superb.


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another convert from the n95, i love my iphone and i am glad i made the switch:D


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I am pretty annoyed with the IPhone. It cannot do some of the basic things a normal mobile phone can. For example, my IPhone will not accept multimedia messaging, it will not record video on its camera and I cannot figure out how to send stuff with bluetooth, if it can?

Well, there is a new update, 2.2, I wonder if this will help because I am on 2.1 at the moment.


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^^^ If you jailbreak it, you can use mms and record video. However, the iPhone can't send and receive files using bluetooth. However did you not know this before you bought the phone? A small bit of research would have highlighted these problems very quickly indeed.

Gary D

Distinguished Member
I went for an internal interview at work the other day and the recuiting manager was late sending the full job spec out (word doc). I got the JS 45 mins before the interview so i sent it from my Blackberry (which wouldn't open the doc) to my iPhone which would. managed to think up some nice questions and got the job :thumbsup: Priceless :D

The shortcomings dont bother me really (well not being able to forward Texts does - i was joke central) but MMS i dont really care about - i send them by email now.

This is the best handset i've ever owned.


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