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To 60ZT65B or not?


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Hi All,

Now in the market for a new TV and at the moment have a Panasonic TH-50PZ81B Plasma.

Looking to upgrade to ideally to a 60-65" and been looking at the 60ZT as always been impressed with Plasma compared to the sometimes un-natural look of the LCD's i have seen.

I did have a view of this TV and was impressed apart from the 3D which i didnt think great compared to some LCD's i have seen but won't be watching a great amount of 3D so stanard picture more important.
Will be watching mainly Sky HD and Blu-Rays.

I know there is a lot of 4K tv's coming out so wondering what peoples thoughts are or what you have gone for?
Would you go for this Plasma or any other LCD or 4K tv's worth looking at? Budget around £2,500.




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Iam keeping this simple, ive owned a couple of great tvs in the last 7-8 year.
Fujitsu 58 series 50"
Panasonic VT50

Bought the ZT last week from panasonic leeds £2400, at this sort of price i feel this is a bargain.
Honestly the picture is stunning, black is really deep, whites are proper white, makes my vt50 look yellow.
Contrast is insane, even in cinema with settings low, there is so much pop, and the clarity of image is the best yet.
Overall its just a perfect storm of picture quality, with all niggles and small problems over previous gen plasma's all sorted out.
Gamers are greatly covered with game mode on, input lag is very responsive.

Products this good simply dont come along that often, grab the best 60" screen panasonic have ever made, 10/10 must buy from me.


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Thanks for the reply....I think i am leaning towards this set as agree in the shop it looked really good compared to the other sets.
What do you think of the 3D on this panel?


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Only viewed one and that was just on sky's 3D channel, Madagascer 3.
Was insanely good, a fair bit better than my old VT50.
I have a few top 3D films on bluray. Will try a couple over the next couple of days.

Iam thrilled with this screen and iam a bit of a perfectionist. Buy with confidence.


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No 4k content, buy a top-end 1080p now then in 3-4 year maybe think of upgrading or sidestepping in the ZT's case, Oled 60" and low input lag with a £2000-2500 price tag.
Then i'll jump.

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