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TNB Recruiting

Discussion in 'General Video Gaming Chat' started by Destyn TNB, Nov 2, 2004.

  1. Destyn TNB

    Destyn TNB

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    Hi guys

    Forgive the intrusion, but just wanted to post up a quick message to advertise the clan I play for, who are currently looking for new members to fill the ranks :) I check with the admin first and apparently it's okay for me to do that ;)

    TNB (The New Blood) are an established Xbox Live gaming clan, one year old last month and still going...! We play strictly for fun, with no minimum Live appearance requirements. Many of our members work dodgy shift patterns and/or have commitments which prevent them from spending all their waking hours on Live ;) We play various games but mainly fun racers and FPS shooters.

    If you're interested in joining up, or just browsing us, pop over to the site at http://www.newbloodclan.com or visit the forums at http://www.newbloodclan.com/forum. We don't have many requirements, just that you have a mature attitude and a passion for gaming - forum participation is expected :D

    Thanks for reading!
    Destyn (TNB admin)

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