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Hi, yes i know HDDVD is a dead format and all, however I just downloaded the demo of TMT 6 with a view to watchng HDDVDs on my pc instead of my xbox.

back in the day I used to use TMT3 for this, and it worked fine, however TMT6 the framerate of HDDVDs is awful, running at maybe 1fps and really slow.

blurays are fine however.

I tried this on my media PC and, then to rule out the computer not being fast enoguh on my gaming rig (sandy I5 with GTX560Ti)

has anyone any thoughts? I know HDDVD is no longer officially supported but i thought it was still meant to work.
I will post on the arcsoft forum if i have to but thought i would check here 1st


Wild Weasel

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I think they removed support to save licensing fees, so you'll have to find an older version of it.


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Try disabling hardware decoding in TMT6 the CPU should be able to handle the video as is, most HD-DVD's were VC-1 based, MPEG-2/H.264 were rare. There could be a bug in there somewhere offloading the video to the GPU.

Alternate option, use MakeMKV on the HD-DVD to extract the video lossless from the disc to a mkv container, then use any media player with mkv support to play it, same video thats on the disc.


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thanks for your thoughts. Support is still in there apparently. Tried turning off hardware decoding but made no difference. I know i could rip the HDDVD but not an option i fancy really. I still have the old xbox hddvd drive which I can use if i have to, but before resorting to that i may see if i can find an old copy of TMT5 (or resort to 3 if i need to. I know TMT3 used to work though dont suppose new blu-rays will work on it. Defo want to know for sure it is going to work before i part with cash however

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