TMPG DVD Author won't add video more than 2.6GB?


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I recorded 6 episodes of Friends seperately to a DVD RAM disc (on my Panasonic DMR E60), and then copied them to TMPG DVD Author as seperate tracks without any problem.

However, I then used the Sky+ planner to copy 4 episodes to a DVD RAM disc in 1 go. The intention being to edit the single clip into the 4 seperate episodes within TMPG.
The problem is that whilst 4GB of video is on the RAM disc, TMPG seems to just give up after copying accross 2.6GB.
No error message or anything, but the last 1.4GB or so just isn't in the clip!

This has happened on 2 seperate occasions now and I'm baffled!
Any ideas?


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try uninstalling it and then restart and install the program again.

I use this and have had not problems.

The other thing that might cause this is that you may have installed something that is conflicting with it.


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I've had this problem too on my Toshiba DR1. I recorder The Simpsons to Sky+ then copied them over to DVD-RAM. Then using TMPGEnc I lifted the episodes one at a time to PC HDD but sometimes the whole episode doesn't copy :confused: and I don't get any warning either.

I tried copying using Windows but the copy eventually fails with a CRC error which would suggest that there's a problem reading the RAM disc. I repeated the process with 2 other discs with various outcomes but mostly the same.

I know it's no consilation to you but I now record to -RW and finalise the discs. TMPGenc then lifts the tracks with no problem at all. I can then reformat the -RW and re-use. BTW I use Panasonic DVD-RAM discs so there shouldn't be an issue with the disc quality.

My PC drive is a new Pioneer 107 +/- Re-writer DVD-RAM reader.


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Well, I've reinstalled TMPG and it didn't cure it.
The RAM disc is a Panasonic so I doubt the problem is there.
Anyway, if I can record each episode seperately and successfully copy them over then surely the RAM disc must be ok.

I think its a bug in TMPG which surely must be fixable.


Originally posted by Jules

I think its a bug in TMPG which surely must be fixable.

It is also possibly a bug with your drive and file of certain sizes. Can you just copy the raw vro file over onto the hard-disk without going through tmpg?

If not (like bigRD) then that suggests some hardware/driver related problem.

If you can then tmpg is at fault, but it possibly is some specific bug related to your setup as most people on here use tmpg and have had no probs.

Hope you get it sorted.



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I think I might have found the reason for this.

If I copy 1 program from sky+ to the E60, even right up to 4GB, everything is fine.
But, using sky+ planner to sequentially copy several different programs at once there is obviously some auto widescreen switching signal between the breaks... i.e. a mix of 16:9 and 4:3 material.
I think it is this signal that is causing the problem.

This would explain why using a DVD-RW disc on other machines cures the problem since this signal is only recorded on to RAM.

The solution for me was to switch "scart control" to 'off' within the Sky setup menu, and it seemed to work ok.

Could be a fluke, but seems likely to be the answer.


My Dad had a similar problem and couldn't copy more than 2GB. This was with a LG DVD ROM/CDRW. He then got a LG 4040 DVD writer (same as me) and now it does the whole disc.

I never had any problems copying the whole disc.


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mmm. yes, my drive is an LG DVD/CD-RW too!
maybe that's the problem.

Does anyone know if the new Pioneer 107 drive reads RAM.
My Pioneer 106 doesn't.
I might consider reaplacing the LG drive for the 107 if it does.


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My drive is the Pioneer 107 and it does read RAM but check my posting earlier in this thread. I have the same problem as you butnow use -RW.

It's a great drive none the less and write 4X Datawrite Yellow at 8X


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Maybe it is a software problem after all then. It seems unlikely to me that drives from 2 different manufacturers would exhibit the same problem.

I'm going to keep experimenting with my LG for the time being.

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I had this problem. nwgarett gave me the solution:

"First of all, change a setting on the E60.

I have a E50, in the setup in the picture settings, there is a feature called 'Hybrid VBR Resolution'. The default setting is auto, it needs to be changed to fixed.

This stops the recorder changing the resolution at will. It is to stop artefacts on the screen at low bitrates.

For the other programs, try putting the VRO file on the hard disk. Then just rename the VRO to MPG. Then use add file instead of add DVD video."

Not had a problem since doing this change. At the moment, I'm happily doing FarScape which has just started from episode 1 on the Sci-Fi channel. I'm putting 5 episodes on a disc with all the menu's ect.

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