Tmobile Web&Walk or O2 Simplicity


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I have an iphone and wonder which tarriff is best.

O2 simplicy (not tied in to a lenghy contract) £25 per month with free web bolt on. 600 mins and 1000 texts.

or 18 month Tmobile contract at £27.50 per month. £60 worth of calls and texts, 300 mins, 600 texts or any mix. Internet access on your phone

I have already ordered the tmobile contract and the phone should be arriving today but I am thinking I have made the wrong decision

Has 02 got as good coverage and customer service as Tmobile?

I would be able to use Edge (in some areas) if I use the O2 sim instead plus I wont have a contract.

Please help me choose as I only have a short time to return the phone unused.

I went with Tmob because I thought 02 had a fair use policy of 200mb per month but this doesnt seem the case now.

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