or soft Entertainment?



Well, we can hardly class it as music now it shows soft Entertainment and now kids programming, Spongebob Squarepants an american cartoon from this Saturday and i just checked Digi guide and it says movies will be starting from February every night:

Tuesday 3rd February

Then and Now (Music)
We take a look at artists' videos from the past and the present in this special Then and Now hour. See how they have changed over the years and decide for yourself if it's for better or worse?

Video Lounge (Music)
The Music Factory brings you some of the biggest and best hits in our Video Lounge. So, sit back and relax to the likes of Coldplay, David Gray, Dido, Kylie, Robbie, Will Young and many more.

To Be Announced (Film)

Matchmaker (Entertainment)
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However it does not meantion what movie will be shown..what are Viacom playing at..making TMF a soft Entertainment, movies, music kids channel..looks good from where i'm sitting. :cool:


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Good luck to em, movies I suspect can be picked up pretty cheap as long as they don't mind them a few years old and there is always room in the primetime schedule for some solid entertainment. MTV and VH1 realised long ago that endless videos do not generate a core audience that stick around during adverts.
No surprise if TMF's audience peaked during a 9pm movie. What's the odds of the first one being Footloose, Fame or Flashdance:)


Thinking about it there has been quite a few movies on MTV...Dirty Dancing, Titanic and they have also shown a few behind the scenes mange of movies.

No surprise about the Nickelodeon cartoons as the main TMF in holland shows 2 hours of them everyday.

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