TIVO Users - Anyone else fed up with losing end of programmes ?



I've noticed recently that some programmes I record have missed the last few mins of the programme......& It's usually the missus's pgms :thumbsdow

Knowing its the pgms that have probably over run, is there any generic way of setting the TiVo to record 5 mins after scheduled end time. I'm getting annoyed at having to manually go into options each time I record something.

Anybody else experienced the above ?

To be honest if it continues I'll be looking to sell the :censored: thing

Cheers Dave

PS. Lifetime Sub m/c that dials up OK every day, so clock is correct etc.


There's a thread in this very forum entitled "TiVo or Sky+?" in which a member named Mark Ward describes a feature he has added to his Tivo called "intuitive padding" which adds a predefined number of minutes onto the start/end of programs.

Check the thread out, and perhaps post a question in there as to how to get this "intuitive padding" onto your Tivo !!

Hope this helps,


Mark Ward

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The program I use is called EndPad and and was written by Sanderton who frequesnt this very forum too.

It works as follows:-

Whenever you add padding minutes to a show you are in effect preventing alternative shows from being recorded during that time.

With EndPad you set the show padding on the TiVo Zero and configure EndPad with your required number of minutes to add to the front and end of the show (I add 2 before and 5 after).

The TiVo will then automatically pad every show by that number of minutes, so long as that padding doesn't interfere with any other scheduled recordings.

Do read that thread though, theres loads of other stuff your TiVo could be doing:thumbsup:

To be honest if it continues I'll be looking to sell the thing
We'll soon have you falling in love with your TiVo again.. Read the thread.



Thanks guys.....your right about what it can do :eek:

Wish I hadn't sold the Turbocard I had :(

If I have 2 disks in my TiVo I'm presuming I have to dosconnect the primary & connect to PC. I did do it once when reseting the parms for the TurboNet card, but can't remember which one I used.

Ah well lots of reading to do on the links you sent. I'm intrigued to know what quality I could stream over wireless to my TP, as on the evening we sit in the room that doesn't have the TiVo in .

Cheers Dave

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