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Still have my £10 per month sub and to be honest forgot that I had it set up as a monthly payment.

The machine is about 20 months old so am I best to keep it running or should I/ can I, upgrade to the annual subscription and should I try to increase the disk space before I apply?



Yes you can upgrade to a lifetime sub at any point. As to if you should, well that really boils down to how long you think the TiVo unit will last. I've had my TiVo since launch in October 2000 and other than a few disk problems before the disk upgrade have had no worries with the unit. I can't see much going wrong (other than the disk) unless your house gets struck by lightning etc.
I have upgraded the disk on my TiVo and don't see there being any problems that would kill the TiVo, so you can upgrade at anytime without too much worry there.

Well I guess you already know this, but I'll mention it anyway.
Had you got a lifetime sub at the start you would have paid the same amount as you have already on the monthly sub :devil:



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Thanks Mark, for a very comprehensive reply, answered all my queries. :smashin:

And yes kicking myself now as I meant to try it for 3 months and then upgrade but just clean forgot. :oops:

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