Tivo sound problems can you help ?


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Can anyone help with the sound problem on my Thompson Tivo ?

Having come back from 2 weeks holiday I have found that programs recorded in the second week have no sound.

I also have no sound when watching live TV unless I push the Aux ‘bypass’ button.

I have tried 2 freeview boxes and 2 scart leads. When connected direct to the TV they all work fine.

I have pushed the cables all the way in and give them a wiggle too.

I have also tried powering off and rebooting via the remote.

Can anybody suggest what to try next please ?


PS. Most of the above was tried after reading through alot of post. If it needs fixing can anyone recommend a place on the south coast (UK) as I have a lifetime subscription.

* also posted on tivo community but need to sort asap :( *


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I doubt this is it but have you tried adjusting the Scart Audio Level? Go to:

Recorder and phone setup;

Scart Settings;

TV Audio Level;

The fact that the Aux bypass button works means it's unlikely to be the Scart leads or pins but something with the Tivo unit.

I'll PM you the user name of a guy that upgraded my Tivo who may be able to fix your Tivo (at a cost) and I think he is in the south.


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Thanks fot the tips.

Tried a PSU but no joy. Must be the sound chip or something on the motherboard.

I have found another for sale (2 actually for £200) so hope to get my lifetime sub changed over to one of those units.

Just missed out on one being sold locally for £40 :(


I wouldn't like to bet on you getting the sub moved to another TiVo. The lifetime sub is for the life of the actual TiVo, so when it dies so does your sub :( . The only time I've known a sub to move to another TiVo is when it was replaced under warrenty.

If the above is true, and another TiVo is going to cost £200 it may well be worth getting your current TiVo repaired. Even if the repair costs you £200 you are still better off as the lifetime sub will continue on the old unit.



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OK thanks. But I think you may be wrong. When I got the lifetime they said it was for my lifetime and could be transfered.

Found 2 tivos for £200 so worth changing. I think you need to be polite to tivo though as they can get funny, but they have run out of swap out ones theat they used to transfer the lifetime over to.


Hey, I hope you are lucky and do get the sub transfered to another TiVo, but the lifetime sub is 100% definately for the lifetime of the actual box and not anything else. Otherwise, if you 'owned' the sub it would expire when you sold on a TiVo, but it doesn't it gets transfered with the box to the new owner.
As I said previously, if a sub was transfered in the past to a swap out box it was when the TiVo was still under warrenty (hence the fact that you were given a swap out TiVo) - or shortly after if you were polite and lucky!

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