TiVo On Demand Issue?


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Hi all,

Have had Tivo a couple of weeks, getting on OK with it, still getting used to it!

I have gone into the On Demand menus, and found BBC, on our V+ box upstairs it all works fine, but in the TiVo I want to start re-watching 'Life On Mars' series 2, its there, but I cant get to it on Tivo, I can scroll down the page, but when it should flick down to the next page down, it just freezes, its not just BBC on demand that it does this, other channels that have multiple pages of programmes it does similar.

Is this an issue with my box, or is it just Tivo playing up, or is it BBC? Any work arounds etc at all?

Or anything else I can do to open up the consecutive pages if you see what I mean??

Thanks in advance, James.


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Unfortunately it is a known issue.

I to cannot get to life on mars through the on demand menu, however if you search all tv for it, then select view available episodes it will bring it up.
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Cool, thanks for that, will have to go that way.

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