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If anyone has a Tivo can you tell me how to setup a Standby button, atm I need to go through all the menu options to put the TiVo into standby.

I got this from a differant Forum.

Has anyone figured out a way to place the Tivo into standby mode when not in use? I would like to use this a sudo off. It seems that when going into the menu that your start position will change so just doing a sequence may not always work.


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I dont understand what you are trying to achieve. The TiVo already has a standby button on the remote - top right hand corner. If you're using a harmony or such like then just emulate that button.

I've never gone through the tivo menus to put the tivo into standby.

You do realise all standby does it turn off the video output, it doesnt spin down the disks so doesnt save a huge amount of energy.

This is because TiVo is always recording live tv. Having said that though we always put it in standby because my wife has this thing about seeing lights on a unit means wasting energy. Putting it in standby turns off the green light so there is no display so she's happy. She cant grasp its still running


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There are many differant Tivo Remotes, Mine does not have the Button for standby.
My Top right Button is Live Tv. :(

But thanks anyway.


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It depends on which model TiVo you have.

The UK TiVo and UK remote have standby functions.
However, the energy reduction is minimum as it is always buffering live tv.
I'm not sure if the UK standby remote sequence works on non-UK TiVos.

You will need to install some hacks if you want a proper standby function.
Alternatively just power the unit off from say 3am to 6am every night with a timer.


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Can you tell me more of this Timer option?
ie. Can it be automated?

I guess he's just referring to a standard mains plug timer switch, such as those available from Ikea, B&Q et al and used to switch lights etc on and off while you're out.

If you went down that route, you'd just have to be sure that you had nothing to record during the 'off' period for obvious reasons! :D




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Yes, I was talking about a physical timer. Fom £1 to £3.50 each, or more than £8 if you want MondaytoFriday electronics functions.

B&Q sell cheap automated timers, I think they are £20 plus maybe £60 for the programmable remote control, called 'Homeeasy'.

If you know Linux you could use cron to put the drive into sleep mode if you find the appropriate linux utility that can do that.

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