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I am trying to establish whether a capture card has actually bypassed HDCP on an old Tivo (not V6) box and how the HDCP works.

I wanted to connect the box to my laptop via a capture card in order to back up programmes (I am about ten years late in starting to work this out so please bear with me!)

My understanding is that a HDMI splitter is required to bypass the HDCP.

I purchased a Zasluke Game Capture card (Amazon product) as the seller states in the Q&A that the card will also bypass HDCP without the need for a splitter (Q: Do i need a hdcp stripper to record output of a virgin tivo box? A: Dear Customer, You don’t need HDCP stripper, our product can decode HDCP 2.2.).

I have attached the capture card with HDMI input from Tivo, HDMI output to my TV and USB output to my laptop via OBS Studio.

I get picture and audio in OBS, but the highest resolution that appears in the video capture device properties is 540p (when I attempt to manually adjust this to 720p or 1080p no signal is received). I haven't yet been able to establish whether this may be a settings issue with OBS that can be resolved but as I have read that if HDCP is not bypassed then quality will be degraded to 540p I am suspecting that this may be the case. However what is puzzling me is that the simultaneous HDMI output to the TV is received in HD and my understanding was that if HDCP was not bypassed then the TV would be displaying an error message? Also, when I tried HDMI input from a Blu-Ray player the highest resolution on OBS was 720p and no audio was received, which I am assuming is from the Blu-Ray HDCP also downgrading the output and blocking the audio?

What I would like to clarify is that if HDCP is bypassed from the Tivo would this result in the full HD 1080p signal being delivered to the laptop from the capture device or would that always be downgraded to 540p? Or is it possible that the capture device is successful in bypassing the HDCP for the TV HDMI output but not the laptop USB output? Also, if I still need to buy a separate splitter are there any suggestions for currently available ones that will still work with the old Tivo boxes?

Any assistance would be appreciated.


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I think you will find that Virgin Media have systems in place to prevent this sort of thing. A downgraded result is probably the best you might achieve.


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The TiVo, the V6 and the sibsequent 360 boxes all employ HDCP 2.2 or higher. You'd not be able to record anything via these STBs via their HDMI outputs, not without employing some form of HDCP stripper or similar.

The manner in which HDCP has been employed doesn't even allow you to record less than 2160p encoded content.

The best you can hope for is SD quality video.

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