Tivo has reduced me to tears !!!


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Well not quite but i do feel for the first time in my life age has caught up with me and ive hit technological meltdown - once upon a time the user manual would of been tossed aside and i would of fiddled and fettled till i knew what was what. We had Tivo installed this afternoon and despite reading the manual several times i still haven't the foggiest how to record or how to get back from a menu easily


so then - can you set reminders like in sky+ ?

There is a new series of "who do you think you are" starting next week - SWMBO found it via wishlist and set it to series link and now we have a planner with 100 + episodes of the programe set to record - What have we done wrong ?

40 years old and technology has finally got the better of me :facepalm:

Rich Marshall

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I don't have tivo, but this might help??

If it's no help there are several youtube video's if you type virgin tivo tutorial in the search box.

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vP5VDXMWCEI"][TEChBrits] Virgin TiVo - YouTube[/ame]
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I'll try and help...

To get back from a menu in the Tivo interface, just press the "left" button (next to "OK"). You can also use the "Back" button (which is just above the "Red" button and next to "Slow"). On a related note, you can select something by pressing the "right" button instead of "OK" as well. The menus move from left-to-right so if you go right, you're effectively going "deeper" into the menus, "left" brings back "upwards" through them, if that makes sense?

As for recording - when you setup a series link via the "Express Series Link" option i.e. you press the Record button on the remote whilst in the guide and select that option - it will default to recording both NEW episodes of the show AND re-runs. To stop it doing that (assuming you only want new episodes!), you need to edit the series link options (select the show and press "OK" or record again to get to the options) and tell it to only record "NEW only". Also, when you set a series link, Tivo will automatically give the show a single "Thumbs up" - this makes the programme eligible for suggestions recording and the box may start recording random occurrences of the show - these will be grouped with your series linked episodes in a named folder in the recordings list. The icon next to the recording shows if its a suggestion (thumb) or a series link recording (a "play" symbol) - suggestions are managed automatically and will be deleted if you don't watch them to make space.

The suggestion engine is arguably the signature feature of the Tivo box and once you've taught it which programmes you like watching (by using the green and red thumb buttons on the remote), it's quite good at recording things you might have missed or would be interested in watching - they're held in the "Suggestions" folder at the bottom of your recordings list but may also be shown in your recorded programme folders too. Note that if you delete all of your planned recordings in a folder, Tivo automatically removes any suggested entries and the folder disappears (one of its little quirks) but the suggested recordings are still always in the Suggestions folder - you can work around that using an empty wishlist (I believe).

Reminders (thanks Carl!) are coming in a (hopefully soon!) future update, after much lobbying from existing users.

I think after you've used the box, you'll become accustomed to its quirks (part of the Tivo charm!?) and hopefully you'll get to appreciate the Tivo-specific features like suggestions, detailed programme info, wishlists etc. It's definitely "different" to the Sky+ box and some people just can't get on with that but I personally think the Tivo features are worthwhile - the menus could be quicker though.

edit: Another handy tip is that you can use the CLEAR button (on the bottom-left of the remote) to instantly delete a programme, without having to wade through the menu system to select the delete option. Note there is no "are you sure?" prompt but the Tivo has a concept of a Windows/Mac style "trashcan" so if you inadvertently delete something, you can get it back again from there - that "killer" feature has saved my bacon a couple of times, particularly if the kids have been exhuberant with the remote!

edit2: changed "suggestions" to "reminders" (doh!)

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Suggestions are coming in a (hopefully soon!) future update, after much lobbying from existing users.
You were doing well up to this point :)

Reminders are coming in the next update. after much lobbying from an unknown number of users.


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Its a new morning, the stress levels have gone down and the sun is shining and I have an altogether brighter outlook to tivo lol - Was ready to ditch it within 5 hours of having it installed but tbf that was more to do with customer support than the actual box.

Anyhoo - cheers for the info above and the you tube suggestions - much appreciated.

Finally a quick BB question - upgraded to 60mb line - HTPC connected by lan cable to the superhub shows 61mb or thereabouts on a speed test but an oddity with wireless connections - CHROME browser ( which thought was the fastest) shows 25mb and IE9 shows 40mb on speed tests - what speeds should i expect from wireless stuff ?


anyone know how to get back to a paused live program if you have been in the settings? sometimes i can get out an other times i cannot. in the end last night i had to press TV and then it took me back to the live TV not the paused one, which was annoying as the footy score suddenly went from 0-0 to 1-1.... grrr.

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