TiVo gets no satellite signal after upgrade



Well, less than a week in, and already my TiVo has a major problem.

Got my TiVo a couple of days ago. Yesterday it downloaded the update to ver 2.5.5. I checked the status and it said, "pending restart. Phone not in use." So, I did a manual restart. It installed the update, and after a while, everything looked fine. In the "choose programme to watch" menu, it told me that it was organizing the data (or something like that) which would take 4-8 hours.

After it was done, the new version was working fine. My subscription has kicked in, and is set to "3- Account in good standing." I could view my previously recorded programmes, and TiVo was still recording things. But, I no longer get a signal from my Sky digibox. I got the troubleshooting screen, so I did what it said. (changed the channel a few times, restarted a bunch of times... nothing)

I swapped out the Scart going into my TiVo to go directly to the TV, and the signal and picture are fine. (so Sky is working properly and the scart is as well) But, I still don't get any audio or visual. I can still record programs, but when I try to play them back, I get nothing. Weird thing is, when I change channels on the TiVo, my TV still auto-switches to widescreen mode when appropriate. So, something's getting through.

I'm currently scouring the tivocommunity forums, and I'll call CS when I get home, but is there anything else I can try? I was thinking of running through the guided setup again, but haven't done it yet.

Has anybody seen anything like this before? It seems that the problem is directly related to the updated software, so maybe I need to force another update. (how?)

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Course, this would happen when FilmFour is having a free weekend! :mad: :mad: :mad:


In case anybody was wondering, I got it sorted. It took a hard reboot (leaving it unplugged for a couple of minutes) to fix it. Now, the machine is working fine.

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