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Tivo functionality on Pace Twin

Discussion in 'Digital TV & Video Players & Recorders' started by masopa, May 22, 2003.

  1. masopa


    May 21, 2003
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    Thought that'd get your attention...

    I am planning a small project that will bring near-Tivo functionality to the Pace Twin. Specifically, it will allow you (using your PC) to automatically record your favourite programmes.

    The bad news is that it won't be quite as automatic as that, although it will be pretty easy to do and will allow you to have a lot more control in the programme choices. The setup will consist as follows:

    1) Pace Twin (yet to be acquired from Argos)
    2) Digiguide (handy piece of software - costs very little and allows your PC to access high-quality EPG that automatically categorises programmes and flags those that are likely to be of interest)
    3) Digiguide exporter - automatically exports your daily programme list to Outlook
    4) Outlook VBA code that allows you to right-click on the outlook programme entry and program your Pace via a PC remote controller (cost about £50 from Concept UK).

    Ok, so now it's starting to sound complicated, but basically the daily routine will be:

    1) Fire up the PC, check the schedules and modify Digiguide's automatic selections to include/exclude specific programmes
    2) Switch to Outlook and click 'Set Pace to record' for each programme you want to video (or just select the whole day's entries if you want them all recorded)

    And that's it. Doesn't sound as complicated now.

    This is going to be a project for me, but obviously I'd be interested to hear if anyone else out there would be keen on such a solution - I'd be happy to provide my VBA Outlook code (not exactly rocket science) once it's all up and running and links to the site for Digiguide and the associated Outlook exporter.

    Total cost (including the Pace box and controller) is likely to be around £335 - I think I can get the IR controller for £50 and Digiguide costs about 5 or 6 quid (much cheaper than the Tivo subscription!)

    Anyway, that's the plan - I'd be happy to hear anyone's comments (especially anyone who's tried kind of thing this before)

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