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I searched the forums to see if this had been addressed, but did not see any posts. Hopefully, I am in the correct forum...if not, please let me know!

I hope someone "out there" can help me solve this problem, which is driving me crazy and causing my 96-year-old mother to be very frustrated! Mom has a TiVo Premiere 4, which she has used since 2014 and loves. She has dementia and fine motor issues, however, which make the regular TiVo remote unmanageable (she gets very confused with all the buttons, even when I try to tape over them, and has trouble pressing the tiny green on/off button). I have been trying to find a simple, basic remote that will work with her TiVo. I got an EasyMote and tried to link it with IR, but had no luck. I have modified (taped over, marked) her TiVo remote to only show the basic buttons, but the buttons are too small for her fine motor skills. There has GOT to be a basic, senior-friendly remote out there somewhere that will work with her TiVo...but I have searched for hours and struck out. I could get her a different DVR that I know the EasyMote will work with, but she is used to the TiVo interface, and her dementia makes it impossible for her to learn new instructions and retain them.

I am to the point that I may have to just take the remote away to keep her from getting frustrated and upset, and just use it when I am with her, but I want her to retain as much independence as possible. Does anyone know of a good option?? If there isn't a remote that will play nicely with the TiVo Premiere 4, do any of the later generations of TiVos have compatibility with EasyMotes or similar devices?

In case it matters, her cable service comes from Spectrum/Charter, and her TV is a Vizio, I believe.

Thank you!!


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This is a predominantly UK & Europe Forum. Tivo is a very different animal here and is, currently at least, attached to our Virgin Media cable system. You will probably get answers on a USA site. Also Vizio is not marketed in the UK.

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