Tivo £99 where?


Duncan Craig

I got a £99 tivo from Currys a fortnight ago.

I want another one for the inlaws..., so has anyone been able to get one recently?

Currys website say it is discontinued now, Dixons still show it (only it's out of stock).

Has anyone seen one recently.

Cheers Folks.


Not offhand.

But, Thomson has officially announced that they are discontinuing their version of the TiVo hardware, which explains the stock clearouts over the last few months.

You may want to check stock on individual outlets of Currys / Dixons / Comet. There's still a bunch out there, but it looks like they are getting harder to get. (apparently eBay has some decent deals, but expect the prices to go up now that this news has hit)

I'm guessing that it'll be next to impossible to get another £99 TiVo (unless you're really lucky), but you might be able to pick one up from the shops for £150 or so. (still a good deal)


Don't you just love websites sometimes.

The page on empiredirect for the TiVo shows: 'you may want to consider' and displays a bunch of video tapes:D

I have seen sites with the Sony DAVS880/550 asking if I want to consider a Scart cable, considering there are no scart sockets on it, I don't think so:D


There was a great post on the TiVo community forum the other day about a Dixons employee trying to demo a TiVo by prying the front off, and trying to insert a videotape.

The best part is, he got a manager over, who also tried to help him force the tape in. :D

Completely clueless.


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I ordered 3 yersterday from Comet Direct Sales who even phoned Curry's on my behalf to check their price and promptly rang me back and agreed to match the Curry's £99 price. (Comet usual price is £149.95). 3 new TiVos on their way for £303 (inc del).

Can't remember the number off hand but ring DQ and they will give you a main 0870 number for Comet. Ring it and follow the prompts. Good luck.


Could I use a Tivo to record from sky+ stuff i hav'nt watced?
ie like a vcr with out any subscription?
and if so can you label what recorded


TiVo has fairly limited use without a subscription. It comes with a trial sub of 7 days (I think) for you to test it. Once the sub runs out, you can pause/rewind live TV, as well as make manual recordings. (you don't get guide data, so you have to do it by channel/time)

I don't think you can label manual programmes like this, so they would all have generic names.

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